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environment, eroticism, ethics, politics
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Written and spoken word (general)
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International Festival of Literature Berlin (ilb)

The youngest of five brothers, Homero Aridjis was born in 1940, in the village of Contepec, Michoacán, Mexico, to a Mexican mother and a Greek father. He began writing at the age of 11, after surviving an accident which nearly cost him his life. At age of 19 he won a fellowship from the...

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Erotik, Ethik, Politik, Umwelt
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Geschriebenes & gesprochenes Wort (allgemein)

Homero Aridjis wurde 1940 in Contepec / Michoacán, Mexiko, geboren. Schon als Jugendlicher begann er zu schreiben und zu veröffentlichen. An der Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexiko-Stadt studierte er Philosophie und Literatur, gründete die...

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