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ecology, identity, language, post-colonialism
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Music (general)
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House of World Cultures

Born in Madagascar in 1954, Dama Mahaleo (Rasolofondrasolo Zafimahaleo) is head of the famous band Mahaleo, with which he has made songs in the local language acceptable as high culture. His way of playing the guitar has become known on the isle as Dama finger-plucking, and his texts are as poetic...

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Ökologie, Identität, Postkolonialismus, Sprache
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Musik (allgemein)

Der 1954 in Madagaskar geborene Dama Mahaleo (Rasolofondrasolo Zafimahaleo) hat als Leader der berühmten Band Mahaleo den Gesang in madagassischer Sprache salonfähig gemacht. Sein Gitarrenspiel ist auf der Insel als „Dama Zupfsystem“ sprichwörtlich und seine Texte sind ebenso...

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