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anxiety, body, transformation
genre (subgenre):
Performing Arts (performance)
Visual Arts (installation art)
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House of World Cultures

Chiharu Shiota, born in Osaka in 1972, has been living since 1999 in Berlin. In performances and installations she is preoccupied with remembrance and oblivion. Earth and water recall the lasting and the fleeting. There is a concern with drifting between the cultures of Asia and Europe as also with...

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other language:
Angst, Körper, Transformation
Genre (Subgenres):
Bildende Kunst (Installation)
Performing Arts (Performance)

Chiharu Shiota, 1972 in Osaka geboren, lebt seit 1999 in Berlin. In Performances und Installationen beschäftigt sie sich mit Erinnerung und Vergessen. Erde und Wasser verweisen auf das Bleibende und das Vergängliche. Dabei geht es der Künstlerin um das Driften zwischen den Kulturen...

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