LifeLines No 3: Rubén Rada

08 April 10 - 10 April 10

The third round of the series LifeLines pays tribute to Uruguay´s musical music star Rubén Rada. Admired by Milton Nascimento and Paul McCartney, the composer, singer, percussionist and band leader’s musical career spans over 40 years, and has had an enormous influence on Latin American pop music. Rubén Rada laid the foundations for "Rock Latino" and made the Afro-Uruguayan Candombe famous across America. "El Negro Rada" was one of the first musicians to show the decisive role Africa has played in the music of Latin America and to make it seen and heard. He set a monument to the African Diaspora on the Rio de la Plata, where many settled after the abolition of slavery. This has made him one of the most famous and controversial pop musicians in South America.

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