Made in Japan

08 September 01 - 30 November 02

A Visiting Arts´ funded project. A major exhibition celebrating Japanese uses of paper in art. It featured 30 exhibitors including some of Japan´s most renowned artists including Ibe Kyoko, Ida Shoichi, Hamanishi Katsunor and Nagaoka Kunito. It included ambitious three-dimensional pieces, plus etchings, mezzotints, woodcuts and screen prints, many never before seen in the UK. Presented at the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery, Bankside Gallery and Usher Gallery, Lincoln with a selection of works also shown in Kettering Museum and Art Gallery and Salisbury Festival and Monmouth Museum in Paperworks. Developed by curator and artist Peter Ford, Director of Off-Centre Gallery, Bristol, in collaboration with the Department of Eastern Art and Culture, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery and presented as part of the Japan 2001 Season.

participating artists: