Midsummer Eve Celebration

20 June 05 - 26 June 07

„Midsummer Eve Celebration” is a common project of the Baltic Sea Culture Centre, the Baltic Opera and Artist´s Priory in Gdansk. It’s a series of events connected with tradition of the shortest night of the year. In spite of the pagan roots today this event is linked to art, religion and spending time together. That is why the project consists of various activities directed to various spectators. In program: - video installation by Dominik Lejman ‘Breathing Cathedral’ - The Midsummer Opera’s Music Days - "Priest Józef Tischner and ethos of intelligence" - scientific session - The Midsummer Eve Concert – concert of Anita Lipnicka and John Porter - St. John’s Fete – The Mess, visit of a folk band and Kashubian fishermen


participating artists: