Teraz Ukraina

Prose, poetry, music

09 April 05 - 19 April 05

Teraz Ukraina (Ukraine Now) is a common project of many publishing houses, the Book Institute in Krakow and the Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdansk. The meeting in Gdansk takes place within the Festival of Contemporary Ukrainian Literature and is one of the series of meetings in Poland (www.polska2000.pl/?id=0&l=pl&a=75). It is the project aiming at discussion about the situation in Ukraine which makes the most of the current interest in that country. Ukrainian Revolution showed that solidarity with our neighbour is very important and what is the better way to express it than through culture? We would like to continue our tradition of presenting Ukrainian literature started in 2002 with the session of translators called “Songs of Eastern Slavs”. At the same time the increasing number of Ukrainian prose and poetry on Polish publishing market gives the perfect opportunity to arouse interest in these works and to encourage active participation in literary life. The Festival in Gdansk is to be closed by the common concert of Yuri Andrukhovych and Mikolaj Trzaska Participating artists: Yuri Andrukhovych Mikolaj Trzaska Taras Prochasko Natalka Sniadanko Serhij Zadan Lubko Deresz Andrij Kurkowa Oksana Zabuzko Andrij Bondar Nazar Honczar Ostap Slyvynski Mykola Riabczuk


participating artists: