Blue Stage

Multimedia Installation

18 August 00 - 30 September 00

Sounds, films, music, pictures, texts: BLUE STAGE addresses all the senses. Visitors can navigate through the contents with an infrared transmitter and so can work out their route according to their interests. They are not passive spectators, but themselves trigger action and reaction in the space, a 60 m_ blue box with several projection surfaces. BLUE STAGE is the first component and prototype of BLUE SPACE, an interactive knowledge and experience space. The BLUE SPACE installations will offer contexts and in-depth information on the events and programmes of the House of World Cultures. The contents are archived and constantly linked again to subsequent themes: BLUE SPACE will thus grow into an interactive overview of world cultures. BLUE STAGE is a joint project of the House of World Cultures, Berlin, the Danish Center for Culture and Development, Copenhagen, and the International Festival Montpellier Danse, Montpellier, and is supported by the European Union as part of the “Culture 2000” programme.

participating artists: