Off-Site 2004: Dan Perjovschi

01†August†04 - 31†August†04

A Visiting Arts funded project. Collective invited Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi to Scotland for the first time, to take on the role of artist in residence to the Festivals during 2004; to explore the Cityīs relationship to the Festivals and the Festivals relationship to a broader global context. During his residency in Edinburgh, Perjovschi acted as a critical observer, mingling with writers, performers and audiences, picking up on the cultural debates and setting them within a broader global context through his playful drawings. Danís drawings were posted on panels sited at three locations within the city where new pieces were placed on everyday. A specially designed newspaper featuring Danís drawings was produced in the final week of the Festival period and distributed from the panel sites and other visual arts venues throughout the city.

participating artists: