2nd Festival of World Cultures

"Window onto the World"

07 September 06 - 10 September 06

In times of globalisation and breaking frontiers, there is a danger of regional traditions getting lost within one big mass of homogenised culture. At the 2nd Festival of World Cultures in Gdansk, Poland, regional peculiarities and national heritage are therefore playing an essential role, of course, within the context of mutual influences. A broad range of contemporary art from all over the world will be staged, mainly performed by people not living in their homelands. That way, the festival will show that unification and diversity do not have to be in conflict with each other. The main focus is on modern dance, alternative theatre, world music and visual arts. The festival features among others performances by the Indian dance company Milón Méla, folk music with Persian, Macedonian, Scandinavian, African and Latin elements by the World Mix Orchestra and jazz-influenced Kazakh and Turkish songs performed by Saadet Türköz & Hans Koch.


participating artists: