The Mexico-festival in Berlin

15 September 02 - 01 December 02 is the result of a close cooperation between Mexican experts, curators and artists and German and Mexican organisers. More than 200 Mexican artists, musicians, actors, dancers, film makers, authors, and scientists were invited for the presentation of about 100 events from mid September until beginning of December of 2002. reflects the cultural diversity but also the contrasts of a country where more than 60 Indian languages are still alive and where the biggest megapolis wordwide is spreading out. The festival is being organised by three Berlin institutions that are already intensively occupied with Mexico: the House of World Cultures, the Ibero-American Institute and the Ethnological Museum.

participating artists:

Abaroa, Eduardo

Abaroa, Eduardo, (portrait in german)

Artemio, (portrait in german)


Brüggemann, Stefan, (portrait in german)

Brüggemann, Stefan

Contempodanza, (portrait in german)

Downs, Lila, (portrait in german)

Downs, Lila

Echevarría, Nicolás, (portrait in german)

Ediciones El Chino

Ediciones El Chino, (portrait in german)

En dos partes

En dos partes, (portrait in german)

Franco, Horacio, (portrait in german)

Franco, Horacio

Gómez-Peńa, Guillermo, (portrait in german)

Glassford, Thomas, (portrait in german)

Glassford, Thomas

Gomez, Maruch Santiz, (portrait in german)

Gomez, Maruch Santiz

Ińárritu, Alejandro González

Ińárritu, Alejandro González, (portrait in german)

Jezik, Enrique, (portrait in german)

Jezik, Enrique

Kuri, Claudio Valdés, (portrait in german)

Kuri, Claudio Valdés

La Negra Graciana, (portrait in german)

La Negra Graciana

Lebrija, Gonzalo

Lebrija, Gonzalo, (portrait in german)

Los de Abajo, (portrait in german)

Los de Abajo

Lugo, Pablo Vargas, (portrait in german)

Lugo, Pablo Vargas

Margolles Sierra, Teresa, (portrait in german)

Margolles Sierra, Teresa

Mastretta, Angeles, (portrait in german)

Mastretta, Angeles

Monsiváis, Carlos, (portrait in german)

Monsiváis, Carlos

Nine Rain, (portrait in german)

Nine Rain

Nortec Collective, (portrait in german)

Novaro, María, (portrait in german)

Novaro, María

Poniatowska, Elena

Poniatowska, Elena, (portrait in german)

Ranc, Carlos

Ranc, Carlos, (portrait in german)

Reyes, Pedro, (portrait in german)

Reyes, Pedro

Ripstein, Arturo, (portrait in german)

Ripstein, Arturo

Rodríguez, Marcela

Rodríguez, Marcela, (portrait in german)

Sada, Daniel, (portrait in german)

Saucedo, Arturo, (portrait in german)

Saucedo, Arturo

Sistach, Marise, (portrait in german)

Sistach, Marise

Soler, Jordi

Soler, Jordi, (portrait in german)

Suro, Luis Miguel, (portrait in german)

Suro, Luis Miguel

Tambuco, (portrait in german)


Torres, Rubén Ortiz, (portrait in german)

Torres, Rubén Ortiz

Ventura, Miguel

Ventura, Miguel, (portrait in german)