About Beauty

About Beauty

Exhibition, Dance, Workshops, Conference

18 March 05 - 15 May 05

The beauty business is booming - in our everyday lives, among scholars and scientists, and in art. Beauty is not only being literally etched into our bodies by plastic surgeons, but has resurfaced as a key concern in creativity, and a major theme in aesthetic debate. Now, the relationship between beauty and art is being re-defined in the context of feminist, post-modern and multicultural issues and, in this process, the boundaries of beauty have shifted to embrace pop culture and advertising. Discussing what beauty means in various cultures has opened up new perspectives, liberating debate from the confines of the western philosophical tradition, and forging links with international contemporary art - a discourse now put at the heart of the House of World Cultures´ first interdisciplinary project in the spring of 2005.


participating artists: