Visual arts

Portals/Search Machines

Arts International
Search machine for artistic trends and countries. It provides names and addresses of the artists.
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Contemporary art database is both a portal and market place for contemporary art. It contains some in-depth descriptions of artists belonging to diverse artistic schools.
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Metropolitan Museum of Art
Annotated list of links of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. on African, Oceanian and arts of the Americas.
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“ is a web-based portal site designed to provide collectors, historians, curators, dealers and critics outside the modern China context with an in-depth look at some of the art making history in China today. Our hope is to contribute to a more pluralistic knowledge of the world’s contemporary art.”
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Artcyclopedia- The Fine Art Search Engine
This searchable database accesses 1.200 pages of art and offers more than 32.000 links. You can view 100.000 works of art from 7.500 artists. Many very detailed comments.
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Cultural Exchange Asia-Europe
Within CulturE-Asef the Asia-Europe Foundation is supporting the information system of Universes in Universe. The art database lists artists of the ASEM member States of Asia.
In German, Spanish and English is the multidisciplinary Arts and Culture portal connecting Asia and Europe. Created for and fuelled by artists, cultural practitioners and policy makers, is the platform to inform, collaborate, interact and exchange ideas with the arts and cultural communities across Asia and Europe.
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Iniva Institute of International Visual Arts
Database for artists, curators and events.
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Genius Economic Data Base
Genios is an international art database offering access to well-structured biographical data of 397.000 artists. The data is taken from art encyclopedia and covers artists from different countries and historical periods.
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The Getty Research Institute for the history of art and the humanities
The Getty photo-database contains 2 million photos documenting the work of artists and architects.
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Artnet contains detailed descriptions and pictures of 1.300 galleries, 36.000 works of art and 13.000 artists from all over the world. From here, you can also buy and sell art.
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Artfacts.Net is an international online gallery and museum guide for young, modern and contemporary art. You can access ArtfactsNet via three levels: the artist’s pages, the exhibition pages and the gallery pages. (19.683 biographies)
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ART Actif
ART Actif aims at being a public forum for contemporary artists and sculptors. Here, contemporary artists and sculptors can put one representative work of art into the net and therefore gain wider recognition.
In French, Spanish, Italian, German and English

ConArt- Contemporary Artists
ConArt is a virtual library for contemporary art. It offers brief information on more than 11.000 mostly young international artists, but also on architects, designers, graphic designers and photographers.

World Artist Directory
“The World Artist Directory is the internet’s source for locating accomplished artists worldwide.”
In French, German, Italian, Spanish and English

World Wide Arts Resources
‘World Wide Arts Resources is the largest collection of fine art information: artists, museums, galleries, fine art, art history, art education, antiques, dance, theatre and more...”
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Hara Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Offers you a brief insight into art work and biographies of the listed artists.
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PortalGlobal A cultural project of &Mac226;Brotfabrik’ (Frankfurt) and the Berlin-based &Mac226;Werkstatt der Kulturen’. It supports artists with the aim of offering them a professional forum on the internet. Partly with soundfiles, pictures, texts.
In German

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
With short biographies and the most important exhibitions and works of art. The ZKM Media Museum is worldwide the first and still a unique museum for interactive arts.
In German and English

The Centre for Contemporary Images
“The Centre for Contemporary Images is concerned with art and new technologies: photography, video, computer, cinema, multimedia and the web. It is a production, presentation, discussion and archival center for contemporary images. Its Media Library has over 1200 titles.”
In English and French

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technologies
“The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology operates as a Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D). The CR+D seeks to document history, artworks and
practices associated with electronic, digital media arts and make this information available to researchers in an innovative manner.”
In French and English

Gate Foundation, Amsterdam
In Gate Foundation you find information about 700 contemporary artists of the fine arts. Gate Foundation is the biggest resource for non-European/Western contemporary artists in the Netherlands. Linked with the House of World Cultures.
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Fine Arts Museum
“Because our collections belong to the public and because we are able to show less than 5% of the collections in the galleries at any given time, we feel a special responsibility to make them accessible in other ways. This ImageBase is a fully keyword searchable database; it contains 82.000 images from the collections of our two museums.”
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Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network (APPAN)
The Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network (APPAN) is a worldwide network for promotion and co-operation in performing arts development. This network increases public awareness of the cultural spiritual identity of the performing arts in the Asia-Pacific region reaching out to a worldwide audience.
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Center for Contemporary Art Kiev
The Center for Contemporary Art Kiev presents artists with their biographies and works of art.
In English is a Germany-based event database covering the whole of Europe.
In German, English

Universes in Universe – Worlds of Art
Universes in Universe is a world-wide art directory. It shows Visual Arts of Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean within the context of international art processes.
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“Afropop is a radio program, a web site, a searchable database, an international music archive, a team of researchers, and a travel series to Africa and Latin America.”
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“The African Music Encyclopedia: An in-depth, non-commercial compendium of information on African music and artists.”
In French and English

World Music Portal
‘World Music Portal is an initiative of music journalist, record/TV producer and music researcher, Angel Romero. The purpose is to develop a world music (traditional and contemporary folk/roots music from all over the world).”
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International Music Network

“International Music Network is a booking agency specialising in world music and jazz. We service a border-crossing, genre-bending roster of artists who perform in venues worldwide.”
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The online world music magazine with an extensive multi media datanbase on world music.
In Englsh and French


Deutsches Filminstitut
The archive of the Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF) is one of the biggest film archives in Germany. It contains an amazing collection of material relating to all aspects of film and cinema. The data is accessible for scientific and commercial use. The Deutsches Filminstitut carries out research, presents series of films and contributes in many ways to film culture.
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