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Dimi Mint Abba
genre: Music
country: Mauritania
crossroad: tradition
Etel Adnan
genre: Design and Crafts, Visual Arts, Written and spoken word
country: Lebanon, France, United States of America
crossroad: language, history, identity, Intifada, war, trauma, politics, home
Vinaya Kumar Kasajoo
genre: Written and spoken word
country: Nepal
crossroad: media, communication
Anoushka Shankar
genre: Film, Music, Written and spoken word
country: England (UK)
 Meridian Brothers
genre: Music
country: Colombia
crossroad: diversity, stereotype, globalisation
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12 January 12 - 14 January 12
Meeting Points 6
Contemporary Art Festival from the Arab World
Locus Agonistes: Practices and Logics of the Civic. One year after the beginning of the “Arab Spring”, this multi-disciplinary festival, curated by Okwui Enwezor and coming to Berlin on the more information
06 December 11 - 06 December 12
Anoushka Shankar
more information
30 November 11 - 04 December 11
Worldtronics 2011
more information
10 November 11 - 12 November 11
Translating Hip Hop
more information
07 September 11 - 30 October 11
Ulrike Ottinger: Floating Food
more information
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Liu Jianhua
Song Dong
Jimmie Durham
Germany, United States of America
Elina Brotherus
Finland, France
John Ndevasia Muafangejo
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Song Dong
Marith Hope
Norway, Sweden
Don Tiki
United States of America
Sister Jayanti
England (UK)
Jon Kessler
United States of America
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On Milk & People
Kristina Leko
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