introduces artists who have presented or collaborated in the projects and events of the partner institutions.

This includes international contemporary artists and curators in all genres who are involved and engaged in cultural exchange.

Additionally there is information on projects which have been organized or supported by partners.

The artist portrait

There are two categories of portraits: standard and extended.

The standard portrait consists of a short text and a list of major works, and a biography, images, sound and video files when available.

The extended portrait includes an in-depth article and/or it provides several multi-media files.


All artist and project portraits will appear in English; most will appear in an additional language.

General information on is provided in English.


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artist names (alphabetical)/genres/subgenres/instruments/crossroads/region/country & territory/project/partner institution


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You can match more than one keyword by using the terms AND or OR.

Narrow your search by using search categories. Combine all of them and choose more than one word from a list (PC: press ctrl while using the mouse pointer; Mac: alt-shift while using the mouse pointer)

The search categories are:

artist name
extended portrait
video, audio, images of work of art and/or additional texts
Narrow your search to languages other than English.
Crossroads, such as “metropolises” or “border” give you theme-related access to all portraits within and invite you to discover unexpected links between artists.
region/country & territory/city

One or more locations which are connected to an artist
projects which have been organized and supported by partners institutions
partner institution

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