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children & youth, civilisation, conflict, everyday life, history, language, metropolises, myth, religion
Performing Arts (interactive performance)
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Asia, Eastern
Hong Kong (China)
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July 1, 2003
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Danny Yung
Danny Yung. © Jacob Trock/DCCD


A man of many talents

The Hong Kong based multi-artist Danny Yung is one of the most dynamic cultural figures in Hong Kong. He is a man of many talents. As a director, producer, artist and curator he sets the cultural agenda not only in Hong Kong, but in many Asian countries, US and Europe. Danny Yung has created more than 100 performances within theatre, film, installations, concept art - shown at many galleries in Hong Kong and abroad. His works are experimenting and based on critic comments to daily media and culture politics in Asia. In 1982, he founded the art association ´Zuni Icosahedron´, which works with performing art, press events, art education and youth festivals nationally and internationally.
Danny Yung is an multi-disciplinary artist. He has been involved creatively in performance and installation art, video and conceptual art.

At the same time, he has curated many cross-cultural, cross-discipline and cross-territory cultural activities including international arts festivals, cultural exchange forums, research and development projects and exhibitions. For the past 25 years, he has produced more than 100 performances taking up the roles of director, scriptwriter and stage designer.

Many of his performances have provoked governments and decision-makers on the cultural area to strengthen the censure policy. Danny Yung is an outspoken critic of the cultural and press policy of Hong Kong´s government. Since 1987 he has initiated a row of public debates on cultural policy related to art. Besides Danny Yung is behind a cultural policy study group, which has created lots of influential reports, e.g. ´In Search of Cultural Policy´ (1991 + 1993).
Author: Karin Bergquist


Born in Shanghai 1943 Danny Young grew up in Hong Kong. At the age of seventeen he moved to America in order to study architecture at Berkeley in California and computer science, city-architecture and -planning at Columbia University in New York.

In 1979 he went back to Hong Kong and showed his one-man-cartoon-exhibition at Hong Kong Art Centre. Here he also presented his first structuralist theatre play ´Broken Record #1´. Since then his experimenting films, concept art and installations have been shown at many galleries in Hong Kong and abroad.

In 1982 Danny Yung founded the art association ´Zuni Icosahedron´, which works with performing art, press events, art education and youth festivals nationally and internationally.

Danny Yung got interested in theatre in the late seventies, and as a script writer, producer, film director and theatre director, he has contributed with more than hundred performances.


Black Box

Exhibition / Installation,
Danny Young has developed the concept behind the Black Box Project, an interactive educational program on the relationship between two chosen countries or continents (e.g. Denmark and Asia). Students are engaged in finding objects related to their imaginations about the other country in their daily surroundings. In the pilot the students explores various themes from landscapes and nature, from people, dress and buildings, from religion and war, terrorism, symbols etc. The students are asked to visualise their images of the country in a Black Box. The Black Box concept challenges the students to explore their stereotypes and images on the specific country. Black Box projects have been carried out in Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and recently Denmark.


Danny Yung is Program Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture. Member of the board of Directors, World Culture Forum. Artistic Director of the Festival of Vision, Hong Kong/Berlin. Chair AsiaArtsNet and Vice President of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network. Executive member of Conference of Asian Foundations & Organisations. Convenor of the Asia Europe Cultural Network. Director of the Annie Wong Art Foundation and Artistic Director of Zuni Icosahedron.

Chairperson of Hong Kong-Taipei-Shenzhen-Shanghai City to City Cultural Exchange, Part-Time Member of Central Policy Unit, Member of Hong Kong Policy Research, Founding Member of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and Program Director of Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture.


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