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May 28, 2003
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Goran Sergej Pristas


Director and Playwright

Goran Sergej Pristas is a director, choreographer, dramaturg, and assistant professor at the Drama Department of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Pristas is also Editor-in-Chief at the magazine Frakcija (Fraction). Pristas and Ivana Sajko founded the theatre group BADco. or the "Nameless Author´s company" in 2000 while working with playwrights and artists (Pravdan Devlahovic and Nikolina Bujas-Pristas) on the project "Confessions" in Theatre & TD. Goran Sergej Pristas is involved in the productions of BADco. as director, choreographer, dramaturg and producer. BADco. is based in Zagreb, Croatia.
The artistic work of BADco. is not so marked by a choice of subject matter, as it is by a reflection on the artistic collaboration and the creative process.
Their first project, Man.Chair (2000, was developed as a work in progress piece in the form of a public rehearsal. Man.Chair is a musically structured dance-impro performance, which avoids any thematic fullfillment. There are however some parameters between body and object. The performers are focusing on the resemblance between the physical characteristics of the object and the body; the mental investment of energy and emotion in object; the objectification of the body; tension between the "technical" and"natural" bodies; tension between order of objects and order of bodies.
In January 2001 the group premiered their dance performance "2tri4" which won the Grand Prix at the "Tendencies" choreographic competition in Luxembourg. "2tri4" was part of the Aerowaves program in London 2002.
In August 2001 the group premiered a live art piece - "Diderot´s Nephew or Blood is Thicker than Water" in co-production with Split Summer festival, Theatre & TD and Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik.
Pristas breaks down the borders between the differnt art forms and aims to create a theatical structure from a performance art piece. His shows often combine all elements; becoming dance "dialogues" or performed art they touch upon an intuitive communication that reaches out to its audience, inspiring curiosity and emotion.
Author: Annika Salomonsson; updated by Yuliana Yankova


Director, dramaturg and choreographer Goran Sergej Pristas was born in 1967 in Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, Pristas lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia and collaborates with other artists on an international level. In 2004-2005, Pristas and BadCo joined in the transnational project SEAS which brought together artists from the different shores of the Balkan and Baltic areas. In 2007 he and Bad Co are participating in the new Black/North SEAS project, which again creates collaborations between two very different sea coasts.


Deleted Messages (SEAS Project)

Production / Performance,
A performance by BADco., directed by Goran Sergej Pristas. Located in a soft but controlled and camera surveilled space. The audience comes into the space of invisible exhibition, i.e. the exhibition and organisation of movement of six performers is triggered by the audience´s presence in the space. The audience becomes caught in its search for performance. Using spam messages as the only textual background, Deleted Messages is a performance that deletes its own message. Deleted Messages was part of the SEAS Events 2004 in Klaipeda (Lithuania), Kaliningrad/Svetlogorsk (Russsia), Riga/Liepaja (Latvia) and Gdansk (Poland) in July-September. In 2005 Deleted Messages is part of SEAS Second Wave and will be presented at the SEAS Events in Rijeka (Croatia), Koper (Slovenia), and Stochkolm (Sweden), Podgorica (Montenegro) and Udine (Italy).


Production / Performance,
Solo for two performers-choreographers reflecting on the act of performing and the relationships performer/performer and performer/audience. Choreography: Nikolina Bujas-Pristas. Dramaturgy by Ivana Sajko and Goran Sergej Pristas.


Production / Performance,
Director: Goran Sergej Pristas. Text by Ivana Sajko. Authors and performers: Pravdan Devlahovic, Oliver Frljic, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristas, Nikolina Pristas, Ivana Sajko, Marko Sancanin.


Production / Performance,
Three dance performances. Dramaturgy: Ivana Sajko. Dramaturgical advisor and producer: Goran Sergej Pristas.

Diderot´s Nephew or Blood is Thicker than Water

Production / Performance,
Based on Diderot´s thesis that what matters in theatre is not what is going on, but how it happens. Directed by Goran Sergej Pristas. Dramaturgy: Ivana Sajko.


Production / Performance,
A musically structured dance-impro performance, based on associations between object and body. Director/Choreographer: Goran Sergej Pristas. Dramaturgy: Ivana Sajko. Music Helge Hinteregger. Performers and choreographers: Nikolina Bujas-Pristas, Pravdan Devlahovic, Damir Bartol Indos.


"2tri4" - won the Grand Prix at the "Tendencies" choreographic competition in Luxembourg.


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Diderot´s Nephew
The cast of Diderot´s Nephew
Deleted Messages
Deleted Messages