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November 23, 2008
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DJ Pedro
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From Bucharest with obscurantism

Romania is not usually seen as the outpost of scene-setting dance floor music styles. And yet, and yet … It is known that DJ Petre Inspirescu adopted his stage name ´Pedro´ in honour of Don Quixote´s donkey, and indeed his tireless pursuit of the musically unpursuable demonstrates a tenacity comparable to that of the eponymous hero of Cervantes´ masterpiece. Pedro often spends his summers in the Balearic Islands contemplating the indefinable Ibiza groove, and returns to his hometown of Bucharest, Romania afire with behind-the-scenes takes on the latest developments on heaving Spanish dancefloors.
According to his self-owned record label Arpiar (or a:rpia:r, to give it its correct if rather journalistically-unfriendly typography), he secured himself a residency at Ibiza´s legendary DC10 club with a mixture of ´charm and chutzpah´. Ibiza is closer to Bucharest than to London or Frankfurt and in his bridge-building, Pedro provides the proof that pounding percussion will prevail where a thousand parsimonious politicians have failed to prosper.

He is an ambassador of the Romanian dance music movement, creating music that is ´as inscrutable as a mountain spring´, to quote one recent convert. Described as ´sonically, baffling, irresistibly groovy and unhinged´, DJ Pedro cooks up a Hispanic storm that threatens to deluge club music in a tsunami of Romanian cunning, spice and creativity.

The aficionado will note that Pedro combines the genres of tech house, minimal, techno, bollo and new deep house, and is well-known for occasionally throwing in some old deep house solely for contrast. Beginning his DJ career as long ago as 1999 in Bucharest´s infamous Web Club, he has been described as ´sounding almost unlike any other artist´, and he is indeed a pivotal figure in the burgeoning Romanian dance movement.

Having founded his own label, he is now releasing his own productions along his work with his two fellow-travellers Raresh and Rhadoo, and intends to schedule future releases from a host of other equally-talented Romanian youngsters. He is tipped as one of the most exciting new producers of our time.
Author: Martin Gordon


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