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July 21, 2003
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Masashi Iwasaki
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Eyes on Japanese sexuality

Masashi Iwasaki is a Japanese contemporary artist who has explored the interaction between man and media, creating a series of artworks through computer graphics since the late ´80s. His current concern is the visualisation for "information" and "body", creating a series of self-portrait works.
The Japanese photographer, Masashi Iwasaki, focuses his lens on body and sexuality.

Masashi Iwasaki has made a funny photo exhibition, called Inertia, together with Tadasu Takamine and Masashi Iwasaki.

Not so much a bare-knuckle ride as a frightening bare-crotch trip across Japan on the roof of the bullet train. A woman lies on the train roof, a camera aimed between her legs. The world is a furious blur, except for that view of her pantyhose as her dress flails up in the slipstream. This, surely, is about sex, with the possibility of catastrophe and death adding to its terrible energy.

With Inertia Iwasaki continue in the vein of minimalist performance video with an undeniable Japanese sensibility. The approach is both simple and extreme, raising many questions on sex and violence, speed and technology, control and chaos and infatuation and fear. The sheer exhilaration of Inertia forces the viewer to quickly puzzle together signs and meanings; the installation becomes a sort of intellectual video game where the heroine needs to be saved by semiotics. Luckily, the artists´ playfulness makes Inertia an accessible work, which will excite anyone courageous enough to stand in front of it.
Author: Karin Bergquist


1966: Masashi Iwasaki was born in Osaka, Japan

1987: Graduated from Kyoto College of Art Computer Graphics Course

1989: Graduated from Kyoto College of Art Computer Graphics Honors Course

2002: Conferred the Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Art by National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation

Masashi Iwasaki lives and works in Kyoto, Japan.

Selected Recent Solo Exhibitions:

2002: Roundandround, Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2000:Fragmentation, Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

1999:Quiet Quadrangle, Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Selected Recent Group Exhibition:

2003:Kyoto Art and Craft Fresh Selection; New Wave 2003, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
The Honeycomb Show, Honenin Temple, Kyoto, Japan

2002:Iwaki CG Festival 2002, Kameda Castle Museum of the Art, Akita, Japan

2001: The Underneath, Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Exit, Cretail Maison des Arts, Paris, France
Facts of Life, Contemporary Japenese Art, Hayward Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Stay with Art; the Room that View is Good, Hotel;Point, Osaka, Japan

2000: The flower of 100 blooms all over, Gallery Raku, Kyoto, Japan
Art Wort on ZP 4, Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Figurative Sense, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan



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