Aiham Dib

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May 23, 2007
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1998 Photo show in AUX hall Yerevan, Armenia ?Behind The Scene-
2000 Show in HAY-ART Armenian Center OF Modern Art -Bifocal-
2001Show in AUX Yerevan titled ?Solitude-
2001 Polaroid show in The Gallery of The Academy of Fine Arts Yerevan .
2001 Show in Art Bridge Yerevan titled ?Singles-
2003 Show in modern art center Crux DeŽl Enfair , France titled Garden & Family Album
Participating in group shows in Syria Armenia and Lebanon; Last was organized by the Museum of Modern Art of Armenia2005 Requiem for The Genocide
2006 Show with the DCCD in Copenhagen Denmark . Cow-Boy
2006 Show in Copenhagen Denmark Cookography


In his own words:

i was born in damscus 1974. i do diffrentiate between th art as product and as process. art in this case is very socially masked while art-work is a product that is subject to the marke esthetics and polices.
i hate all those ART BOOMERS who think that art is good buziness and better it be when the benifitial margines are streeched on both sides ; the collecter and the artist. this is BROKERY and has nothing to do with art. even the blind can see that after the collapse of communism , the GOVERNAL art funding in the west has degarded and decreased. cuz art been used to ornamint the scene of western soceity. today in middle east and in caucasus. artists are used like trojan horses to serve a political policies of western stratigies. can we see this? well ask any blind he can tell.