Salah Saouli

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Visual Arts (installation art, painting, sculpture)
Middle East, Europe, Western
Lebanon, Germany
Beirut, Berlin
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May 9, 2003
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ARTIST STATEMENT/ POSTCARD PROJECT OF THE HOUSE OF WORLD CULTURES 2007 Oversite, 2007 5000 shoes ´We are now facing thousands of shoes of people we don’t know. The residue of their use is still evident in their appearance. It is comparable to collective memories. The audience participating in this work contributed their shoes for the “Oversite” installation, and contributed by the performance of walking on the shoes. This process completes the work. People usually create circumstances, phases and personalities, then they disappear and take their stories with them. Those who commit the act usually disappear in their shadow. The shoes in this installation change their functional form; in this context they become objects with human-like dimensions. When we walk on these shoes we are committing a savage act. This walk reminds us of human tragedies that happen daily on a continuous basis: We become opposed but quickly we want to forget and return to our daily routines. If we try to think about this savagery we find ourselves drowning in the many examples of actualities.´ (Salah Saouli) Salah Saouli, born in Beirut in 1962. He studied painting at the Institut des Beaux-Arts Beirut, painting and sculpture at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin, and printmaking at the Chelsea School of Art, London. Since 1985 the artist has been living in Berlin.
Author: Katrin Bettina Müller


Group Exhibitions (Choice)

Exhibition / Installation
2005 "Origins & Nations“, Galerie Nord, Berlin, Germany 2004 "Ortstermin -Offene Ateliers und Galerien“, Galerie Nord, Berlin, Germany 2003 "DisORIENTation", House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany 2002 "Transperency", Bergkerk, Hannema-de-Stuers Fundatie, Deventer, Netherlands "Paradise Lost", Schloss Nackel, Brandenburg, Germany "8 Künstler 8 Länder", Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany "Bi-Rout, Zeitgenössische Kunst aus dem Libanon“, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany "Montags", UdK, Berlin, Germany 2001 "5. International Sharja Biennial“, Shaja Biennial, Shaja, United Arab Emirates "Werkschau 7“, Neues Kunstquartier Berlin, Berlin, Germany "multiplicatas", Artena, Marseille, France 2000 "Best Seller", Hamra Street Project, Beirut, Lebanon 1999 "Expressions", Galerie Maraya, Beirut, Lebanon 1998 "Mediterranea", Art Contemporain des Pays Méditerranéens, Brussel, Belgium "Bilder von Sieb, aktuelle deutsche Grafik", Goethe Institut, Beirut, Lebanon "Wassertor, Sternentor", Müritzer Nationalpark, Waren, Germany 1997 "International Sharja Biennial", Sharja Biennial, Sharja, United Arab Emirates "Kontraste", Galerie Maraya, Beirut, Lebanon 1996 "Ortstermin", Perlebergerstraße, Berlin, Germany "Multiple Box", Editionen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1994 "Kunstlight", Weekend Galerie, Berlin, Germany 1993 "Junge Berliner Kunst", Technisches Museum, Prague, Czechia "Rapid Eye Movement", Sala de Archivo Diputacíon Foral de Bizkaia, Bilbao, Spain 1992 "Farbzwischenraumding", Haus am Lützowplatz, Obere Galerie, Berlin, Germany "Von Menschenhand", Umweltbundesamt, Berlin, Germany "Bilbao-Berlin, 16 Begegnungen", Künstlerwerkstatt Bahnhof Westend, Berlin, Germany 1990 "Ade West-Berlin", Weekend Galerie, Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibitions (Choice)

Exhibition / Installation
2005 "Salah Saouli“, Galerie OU, Osaka, Japan 2002 "Beirut - Berlin via Marseille", Salon Port Pin Terminal 2, Marseille, France 2001 "Crossword", Goethe Institut, Beirut, Lebanon "Marseille Imaginée Marseille Réalité", Artena, Marseille, France 2000 "Labyrinth", Heilandskirche, Berlin, Germany "Das Labyrinth ll", Centre Culturel Français Beyrouth, Beirut, Lebanon 1999 "Das Labyrinth l", Darat al Funun, Amman, Jordan 1998 "Greetings from Beirut", Galerie Maraya, Beirut, Lebanon 1997 "Details", Libanesischer Kunstverein, Beirut, Lebanon "Schallmauer", Galerie Perron1, Delden, Netherlands "Tableau", Berlin-Brandenburgerische Akademie der Wohnungswirtschaft, Berlin, Germany 1995 "Rückblick nach vorn", Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany 1994 "Die Geheimnisse der Götter", Goethe Institut, Beirut und Tripoli, Lebanon "Timeout", Galerie Vierte Etage, Berlin, Germany "Ritus", Théâtre de Beyrouth, Beirut, Lebanon 1993 "Zwischen der Zeit", Dia Projektion Hausfassade Lübeckerstr. 21, Berlin, Germany "Am Anfang war der Tod", Straßenbahndepot, Berlin, Germany "Licht-Echo", Märtyrer Platz, Beirut, Lebanon 1987 "One Man - One Day Exhibition", Chelsea Park, London, Great Britain


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