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children & youth, civilisation, communication, environment, everyday life, exclusion, family, interdisciplinarity, living, outsider, Participation, people, subculture, youth
Media Arts (general, multi media installation, sms, video)
Middle East, Europe, Nordic
Turkey, Sweden
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August 29, 2007
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Selda Asal


Selda Asal - A New Media Artist

SELDA ASAL was born in Izmir, Turkey. She studied music and arts and is currently based in Istanbul. Asal is a new media artist whose work reflects her observations and participation of everyday life. She is a creator of communities that serve as a platform for expression, dialogue and interaction.
Asal runs the project APARTMENT a gathering place for artists from all genres and walks of life, located in the area of Tünel in Istanbul. When she fist started out there, people who came to visit her frequently were robbed or had their car windows smashed. Now the neighbourhood has become one of the hippest in Istanbul; a creative free-zone.
The project reaches out to the surrounding community and to all active in the cultural sphere.
The apartment project has always run parallel with the artistry of Asal. She creates solo pieces, and works in collaborative large-scale projects. In 2004, Asal started a postcard project, an exhibition on the move together with Ceren Oykut with the intention of bridging lives between two countries.
They invited artist Gul Kozacioglu to join them for the postcard project in Botkyrka, a multicultural suburb of Stockholm. Using the name 3 tip, ”tip”, the Turkish word for “types”, three quite different and self-willed artists chooses to work as a group Postcards from Stockholm Botkyrka took place in 2006, and consisted of a two week workshops and projections of postcards, each day adding visual material as they met with people, mostly youth living in the surrounding areas. The trio interacted with the place they were in, building a common space, a communal living room from collected things of everyday lives. The room took shape as the weeks progressed and became “Digital Diaries!”
Asal describes it as such; “not one consecutive linear piece but simultaneously video, photographs, drawing, writing, diaries, tempo- different speeds- contrast flow and break- related to the beat of the current media flow which shapes our way of perception – this is the beat that diffuses borders – this media works across countries”
All three artists have been working with the art space Apartment in Istanbul as a platform for their artistic activities. Apartment is also the social heart of the artists – a daily place for conversations, ideas, events and parties.
Asal’s project RESTORE HOPE creates a forum for another type of meeting and expression and observes different types of control mechanisms.
It is based on Selda Asal’s work with youth in the Bakirkoy Psychiatric Clinic, and street children of Istanbul, many of whom have been drug-addicts. Initially, the observation focuses on the consecutive control mechanisms that contributed to placing the children in their situation, followed by the process of healing which is also based on other mechanism is control. Asal works with the children, finding ways in which they can express themselves and their inner worlds. The children drew houses (apartment house, family home, country house, and ghetto), people, or idols and objects (tree, flower, forest, animals) and made their own statements about the creation of each drawing. The project was completed in March 2005 and projected onto facades of buildings in window projections and sound. Each window projected the dreams and hopes of one child.

Author: Annika Salomonsson


2003 RUH HALLERI UZERINE,Nev Gallery, Istanbul
2003 ”home sweet home” Roxy,Istanbul
2001 ENDSCENE Apartment Project4, Tunel,Istanbul2001
2000 “PARIS JOURNAL“ French Culturel Center, Istanbul
1999 SLEEP , Siyahbeyaz Galery, Ankara
1998 SLEEP , BM Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul
1997 Karamustafa EXPORT/IMPORT , Echohaus,Vienna
1995 ARCHIEVE 901234 L Stettener Castle, Loerrach, Germany
1994 ARCHIEVE 901234 –I Markiz Pastahanesi, Istanbul
1992 PALIMPSESTS , BM Contemporary art Center, Istanbul
1991 PALIMPSEST ,Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara
1990 - 1992 PALIMPSESTS , BM Contemporary art Center, Istanbul
2006 Postcards Stockholm Istanbul,colaborated with Ceren Oykut and Gul Kozacioglu,BotkyrkaKunsthalle,Stockholm,Tumba
2006 Four days in Cairo
Upgrade! Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem cur:Basak Senova (TR)
2006 Competing with Genies, Love is Fake
OUTLINERS Arttransponder, Berlin cur: Stephen Bauer,Zorka Lednarova, Caroline Lund,Doreen Mende,Shaheen Merali, Christoph Tannert
The 12th International Festival of Computer Arts,Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, curated by Dunja Kukovec, Maribor, Ljubljana
ODYSSEE, 17. Turkish Cinema weeks Strausbourg
2005 WAITING ROOM, Apartment Project,Istanbul
2006 –2004 Lost Postcard- colaborated with Ceren Oykut
2006 The 12th International Festival of Computer Arts, cur:Basak Senova
2006 SNAPSHOT 1² curated by Basak Senova, New-Delhi, Kulturni Inkubator
2005 ³Vertigo Entrapped ­ Volume 2² video and photography selection curated by Basak Senova for ATTITUDE video /short & experimental film/ photography festival
2005 TELECITY curated by Basak Senova and Marcus Graf
2005 One Minute -Vertigo Entrapped ­ ATTITUDE video /short & experimental film/ photography festival, curated byBasak Senova and Biljana Petrovska Isijani, Magaza, Bitola.Macedonia
2005 Restore Hope, Loosing.ctrl screening programme curated by Galit Eilat, Basak Senova and Eyal Danon for Transmediale .05, International Media Art Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt,Berlin
2005 (In-)Security cur:Sabine Winkler, The Badische Kunstverein, Karlsruhe,Istanbul Biennale exhibition, Nev Galeri, Istanbul
2005 Ocu,Neurotitan, Berlin
2005 EGNASIA collaborated with STALKER -Iacopo Gallico, cur:Marina Fokidis Yeni Cami, Thesaloniki,Greece
2005 TELE-CITY, Siemens Art, Istanbul, cur:Marcus Graf,Basak Senova
2005-2006 POINT OF VIEW cur :Judith Nothnagel
Fournos Center for the Art and New Technology, Athens, Greece
Museum Wesel, Lower Rhine, Germany,
Gallery Noass, Art and Culture Project Noass, Riga, Latvia,
Audiovisual Festival zemos98 in cooperation with Endanza, Sevilla, Spain
Contemporary Art Museum ex-manifattura tabacchi, Pescara, Italy
2004 BALKAN BIENNIAL-COSMOPOLIS Macedonia Museum of Contemporary Art, Theseloniki, Greece, cur:Magda Carneci
2003 ”Home sweet home” Novi sad Digital Video Art Festival. Novi Sad, Serbia
2003 ECOART Russe,Bulgaria
Thesseloniki,Skopje,Belgrade,Novi Sad,Bucharest
2002 IN SEARCH OF BALKANIA, Neue Galerie Graz Landesmuseum Joanneum,Austria,,cur:Peter Weibel,Roger Conover,Eda Cufer
2002 BETWEEN THE WATERFRONTS, Dutch Art Gallery,Rotterdam,The Nederlands
2002 CONTEMPORARY ART IN BALKAN COUNTRIES, Papanikolau State Museum of Contemporary Art,Thesseloniki,Greece
2002 ECOART III – RUSE,Bulgariacur:Ivan Ivanova Bulgaria
2002 TRANSPARENCY,Cur:Emil Mirazciev Plovdiv Center of Contemporary Art, Bulgaria
2002 PERSONAL SPACE-PUBLIC SPACE, cur:Zoran Eric,Lyubisa Simovic 22. Nadezda Petrovic,Galery Nadezda Petrovic,Cacak, Yugoslavia
2002 MIRROR OF BALKANS, cur:Lyubisa Simovic,Stevan VukovicNational Museum+Ogledelo Visual Art Center Kraljevo,Yugoslavia
2002 IMAGINING THE BOOK,cur:Mouhammed Aboulnega The Library of Alexandria, Alexandria,Egypt
2002 me /my selfCathy Brewster Galery,New Zealand
2001 FROM FAR AWAYSO CLOSE,Baden-Baden Kunsthalle, Germany2001
2001 BUGUN KU PROGRAM / GELECEK PROGRAM,” Cam Ev”, Yapi Kredi KulturSanat, Istanbul
2000 -1999 PASSAGE DU BOSPHORE,Musee de Picardie cur: Sylvie Couderc,Musee de Picardie, Amiens, France
1999 CONFIDENTAL, cur: Christian Hutzinger, Galerie Ilse Hutzinger,Ebensee,Austria
1999 ORTUNG, cur: Gottfried Goiginger, Galerie 5020, Salzburg
1998 EXPORT/IMPORT, Volkskunde Museum, Vienna
1998 KERTERIZ, cur: Beral Madra, Ataturk Kultur Merkezi, Istanbul
1996 TESSERA,cur: Ewald Statzny,Art in Nature, St.Veil/Vienna
1991 ANI-BELLEK,cur:VasifKortun,Taksim Sanat Galerisi,Istanbulcur:VasifKortun

Colaborative Projects/APARTMENT PROJECTS:
2006-2005 WAITING ROOM -BEKLEME ODASI Selim Birsel, Selda Asal, Muruvet Turkyilmaz,Sencer Vardarman, Gul Kozacioglu
2005 ´L O C K Y O U R M I N D
Apartman Projesi -sox36 Berlin-Kreuzberg
2005 MECHUL-Gaye Boralioglu, Manuel Citak
2005 K_34 -Baba Zula,Ceren Oykut,Selda Asal,Jackie Leibezeit band.
2003 GLASSIGHTS Projections by Chiara Pirito (ITA), Delphine Bedel, Ceren Oykut,
Erhan Muratoglu, and Ali Demirel.
Curated by Francesco Bernardelli
and Basak Senova 2003
Definitely Maybe
In Collaboration with Apartment Project+Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center,Istanbul
and Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden
Curators: Joanna Sandell, Veronica Wiman
Coordinator:Esra Sarigedik Station 6:Ulf Samuelsson
2002 UTOPIA TRAVEL David Rych/ Emanuel Danesch
2001 STORE OF DREAMS, Apartment Prj5.,Tunel, Istanbul
Uli Aigner,Selda Asal,Elif Celebi,Selim Birsel,Inci Eviner,Cem Gencer
Erik Gongrich,GulsunKaramustafa,Arhan Kayar &Osman Denker
Aydan Murtezaoglu,Bulent Sangar,Emre Senan&Ali Senan
Hale Tenger,Vahit Tuna,Muruvvet Turkyilmaz,Elfe Uluc
performans:Tugce Ulugun Tuna
2000 CLEANING MATERIAL STORE, Apartment Prj3., Tunel, Istanbul
Uli Aigner.AliAkay & Seza Paker,Ipek Aksügür Duben,Elvan Alpay,Selda Asal,
Patricia Cividanes Ahmet Elhan,Slavisca Janelivska,Albani Hajdinaj,
Sirin Iskit,Komet,Aydan Murtezaoglu,Stefanie Neumann, Fatih Özgüven, Bulent Sangar,Eser Selen,Roland Strattmann,Nora Seni,Dimitri Tzamouranis, Muruvet Turkyilmaz
2000 LOVE POTION STORE, Apartment Projects2, Tunel, Istanbul
1999 SHOE SHORE, Apartment Prj.1, Tunel, Istanbul
Uli Aigner,Erdag Aksel,Tunç Ali Çam,Hüseyin Alptekin,Halil Altindere
Selda Asal,Fatih Aydogdu,Yilmaz Aysan,Selim Birsel,Thomas Busch
Ela Cindoruk,Elif Çelebi,Haldun Dostoglu,Ayse Erkmen,Inci Eviner
Genco Gülan,Gülsün Karamustafa,Vasif Kortun,Joseph Kosuth
Dieter Kleinpeter,Julia Lohmann,Beral Madra,Werner Mally
Butch Morris,Murat Morova,Lothar Peter,Katharina Philgren,Leyla Sakpinar
Zineb Sedira,Sermin Sheriff,Hale Tenger,Canan Tolon,Müge Ulug


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

(02 December 05 - 31 December 10)


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