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Chart Korbjitti
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Sharp Thai tongue

Chart Korbjitti is an outspoken writer from Thailand, who uses his pen to focus on people living on the bottom of society. With his breakthrough-novel ´The Judgement´ from 1981, Chart Korbjitti created the birth of the modern Thai novel by describing the individual confronting the collective.
Chart Korbjitti from Thailand is one of the writers from the generation, which rebelled against the military regime in the 70s, and is today one of Thailand´s most popular living writers. Like few others in Thailand he has managed to combine the high cultural with the popular. At the same time as he wins literature prices, his books are sold in many impressions.

He was born in a grocer family in Samut Sakhorn near Bangkok. Early in life Chart decided to become fulltime writer and left a promising career as producer of bags to devote himself to his writings.

His big breakthrough came in 1981 with ´The Judgement´, which initiated a new way of writing societal criticism in Thailand. Gone was the well-meaning revolutionary-romantic literature, which dominated the 70s. On the contrary ´The Judgement´ was both a psychological drama and a forceful social satire of gossip and the public meaning´s relevance towards the citizen. Thailand´s National Literature Council elected it "The book of the year".

Chart Korbjitti has since then with different levels of success constantly tried to renew his own writing style. His novels cover a wide field, e.g. the oppressive naturalistic style in his main work ´The Judgement´, a rhapsodic drunken cheerful saga like ´The mad dogs´ (1988) and ´Time´ (2000), and the film manuscript ´Seduced´. A common feature is the language, which in all novels is precise and without the widespread inclination for heartening poetry, which dominates most Thai works.

Most of the stories deal with the losers in the social game. Although Charts stories are rooted in Thailand´s cultural and social relations, his subjects are universal.

His works have been translated in half a dozen languages. He lives upcountry with his wife, three dogs and a number of geckos.
Author: Karin Bergquist


1954: Chart Korbjitti was born in Thailand.



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Report to the Prime Minister

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Translated into English

Don´t bother-city

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The mad dogs

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Translated into English

A rotten dog is floating about

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The personal knife

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The personal knife

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An ordinary story

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The Judgement

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His most popular novel is translated into English.

Blind road

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His first Novel.

The road to Victory

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Selection of novels


Chart Korbjitti was twice the winner of the prestigious SEA Write Award (in 1982 for The Judgement, in 1994 for Time).


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