George Mubayi

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Christianity, interculturalism, peace, sexuality, spirituality
Visual Arts (sculpture)
Africa, Eastern
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George Mubayi
George Mubayi


Second generation Zimbabwean stone sculpture

Zimbabwean artist George Mubayi was born in 1972, son of the pioneering stone sculptor Sylvester Mubayi. His father taught him to sculpt and in 1996 George Mubayi dedicated himself to a full-time career as a stone sculptor. Since 1998 he has exhibited and travelled to international workshops in Europe. His works are contemporary within a distinctive idiom which draws on traditional myths, the inspiration of the natural and social environment and the human spirit.
Zimbabwean artist George Mubayi was born into a stone sculpting environment. Son of the renowned Sylvester Mubayi, he regarded sculpting ´just like playing´ when he was growing up. ´I did not take it seriously. I was just having fun. I only became serious when I was in Form Two when I sold my first piece´ he said.

Mubayi is described as a ‘second generation’ stone sculptor. His father was recognised as a pioneer of the Zimbabwean stone sculpture movement which developed from the 1950s. A London art critic described Sylvester Mubayi as ´one of the greatest living stone sculptors´ when he exhibited in London. George Mubayi has found his own path in this field, making resonant contemporary works which draw on the old myths, the natural and social environment and enduring qualities of the human spirit.

Mubayi was born in 1972 and after ´A´ levels he worked at several companies before returning to sculpture in the mid-1990s. In 1996 he decided to become a full-time sculptor and exhibited two years later. He works in serpentine, opalstone and other volcanic stone found in Zimbabwe, making massive and domestic size works. He has received certificates of excellence for his work which can be seen in several galleries in Europe. His work is represented in the Richard Handelsman Collection of Shona Sculpture in Zimbabwe.

George Mubayi exhibited as part of the Expressions programme organised by Arts Alive in Brighton, UK in 2002. He gave a lecture at the Royal Society of British Sculptors in London on the Zimbabwean stone sculpture movement along with a demonstration and workshop. In 2002 he also participated in the Remisen international artists workshops in Denmark.
Author: Judith Staines


George Mubayi is a ‘second generation’ stone sculptor from Zimbabwe. Born in 1972, he is the son of Sylvester Mubayi, the renowned Zimbabwean sculptor. His father taught him to sculpt and he has been a full time sculptor since 1996. He has exhibited in several countries and been invited to international artists workshops. Work can be seen in the Handelsman Sculpture Collection of Shona Sculpture.



´Last of Many Words´ work in opalstone and serpentine in the Richard Handelsman Collection of Shona Sculpture, Handelsman Sculpture Garden.

Lecture & workshops

Production / Performance,
Royal Society of British Sculptors, London. Lecture on the Zimbabwean stone sculpture movement.


Exhibition / Installation,
1998/99 1st Biennial Exhibition Currently planning a group exhibition in the Netherlands.


2002 Remisen International Artists Workshop, Denmark
1999 Certificate of Excellence


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