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August 23, 2003
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 DJ Floro
DJ Floro


DJ Floro hardly looks like a DJ and soundmaster. But what the man from Madrid conjures up with his electronic sound system is quite simply fantastic dance music: a pulsating mix of house, trance, HipHop, Latin, soul and jazz music combined with powerful Afrobeats. DJ Floro is a member of a Spanish DJ collective that was founded in 2002 in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Marking the anniversary of the death of the Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, it set out to popularize his musical style. Floro’s CD “Republicafrobeat” is an homage to innovators of Black Music like Fatboy Slim, Tony Allen and Keziah Jones. At the same time, “Republicafrobeat” is an artistic testimony in the spirit of Fela Kuti’s politics; all his life he was committed to the struggle against imperialism and colonialism in Africa.



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popdeurope 2003

Migrating sounds in and out of Europe

(25 July 03 - 23 August 03)