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body, contrast, gay & lesbian, interculturalism
Performing Arts (dance / butoh, performance, theatre)
Europe, Nordic
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July 9, 2003
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Stuart Lynch
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Hybrid art performance

Performer Stuart Lynch is a choreographer, performer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. Former sculptor and member of renowned Japanese director, MinTanaka´s Mai Juku Performance Company, Stuart Lynch is currently director of the Paradance Theatre, Copenhagen.
Stuart Lynch is the artistic director of the ´24 Hour Performance Project´ and the music/dance concept ´Ferrari Crash´.

In the ´24 hours Performance Project´ 12 actors and dancers perform in a continous daylong dance theatre event. Their stories and traditions unfold and are revealed during the hours. The audience shares and is witness to this process.

The experience of each performer feeds the performance as a whole and their journey, as individuals and as a group, creates 24-hour performance. They never leave the stage and their experience, combined with a unique structure, allows the actors and dancers to feed and inspire each other. This cross-fertilisation develops throughout the day heightening the presence and charisma of everyone involved.

All versions of the 24-Hour Performance are made in collaboration with the organizers who host the event. Each constellation of performers has its own unique quality and the performance should be viewed as a joint venture and not just as a touring readymade. A city´s audience will see their local performers interact and collaborate with international artists of the same calibre. A few of the performers will later continue into the next constellation.

The press wrote:

"Strongly disciplined person, who works a lot with form and expressions but little with feelings" (Trine Vendelboe Juul).

"The performers are harmonious and like voices in a choir weaving sometimes together and at other times in glorious isolation" (Janus Kodal, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark).
Author: Karin Bergquist


Stuart Lynch is educated within design, sculpture and painting. He started his dance carrier with kickboxing and aerobics. Later he integrated the Japanese Butoh-dance. His performances are hybrid forms.

He has toured in Europe Asia and Australia with "De Quincey/Lynch" and his own "Paradance", a solowork based on collaboration with musicians, writers and sculptures. Stuart Lynch performs in The Tiger Garden with Hollow Creature.


24 Hour performance

Production / Performance,
24-Hour Performance is a series, a continuing process.

Fuck Triology

Production / Performance,

The Hate Ritual

Production / Performance,


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