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Argentina, Czech Republic
Buenos Aires
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July 23, 2003
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The Rudimentary and the Refined

Merging Man and Machine

Federico Díaz is one of the most important of a new generation of artists from the Czech Republic today. Since the mid-1990s, he has been producing consistently innovative and engaging work through experimentation with new media. His imagination encompasses the rudimentary and the refined, a combination that infuses his work with particular emotional force. Díaz explores ideas drawn from biogenetics and cosmogony and seeks to create a link between the two. As such, his work, which borders on virtual synthesis, sets in motion a continual reformulation of the relationship between man and the universe. It is perhaps unsurprising then that his installations and projects are without exception interactive: the spectator not only becomes part of the work of art, however, but influences it by the form, appearance and movement of his or her body. The young artist is not interested in works of art as material artefacts or as aesthetic objects; instead he envisages art as a global visual and acoustic field, and aims at no less than reconstructing human sensibility. For several years, he has been working as the creative leader of the Prague-based company, E-Area which is currently engaged in an architectural project to build a new centre of education. The company, which specialises in integrating abstract art and cutting edge technology, hopes that this latest project will benefit both Czech and international academic communities. The first part of the venture, called E-Mpact, is an attempt to built a computer large enough for a human being to fit inside it. The computer will then be used to enable students to experience a variety of situations in virtual reality in order to improve their understanding of the world around them. Another aim is to simulate the effects that our behaviour in the present will have on the environment in the future, without real time restrictions. Diáz´s projects, which have been presented at Prague, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Dusseldorf and Tokyo, can be regarded as meditations on the core themes of appearance and disappearance, continuity and change, and fullness and emptiness.
Author: Diana Yeh, Visiting Arts


Federico Díaz was born in 1971 in Prague, Czech Republic. He attended the Prague High School of the Creative Arts from 1987 to 1990 and then spent seven years at the Academy of the Plastic Arts and Painting, also in Prague. He has won numerous grants and awards for his work and has exhibited worldwide. He also leads the creative team of the company E-Area, which was founded in 1998. He is based in Prague and in Buenos Aires but also spends much time in Milan and Paris.



Exhibition / Installation
2001 ´Project E-forum III´, in cooperation with the foundation Forum 2000 and Nippon foundation, Czech Republic 2001 ´Empact´, National Gallery, Czech Republic 2000 ´Project E-forum II´, in cooperation with the foundation Forum 2000 and Nippon foundation, Czech Republic 2000 ´Introsfera E-Area´, Royal institute of British Architecture, London, GB (catalogue) 1999 ´Project E-forum I´, in cooperation with the foundation Forum 2000 and Nippon foundation, Czech Republic 1999 ´Gallery of Prague´, Czech Republic (catalogue) 1999 ´E-Area´, Andersen Consulting, National Gallery, Czech Republic (catalogue no. 7) 1998 ´Bolb´, Galerie Vaclava Spaly, Czech Republic 1997 ´Tacuzcanzcan´, Gallery of Prague, Czech Republic (catalogue)


Exhibition / Installation
2002 ´Espace Electra, Fondation Electricité de France´, Marie de Paris, Francie, catalogue; Telo, Nancy, Marie de Nancy, Francie, catalogue 2002 ´Biennale of the young artists´, Gallery of Prague, the capital city, CR 2001 ´Milano Europe 2001´, Futuro presente, Gallery of modern arts, Italie, catalogue 2001 ´Datatransfer´, festival of cyberculture, Prague, CR 2000 ´The End of the World´, Palace Kinsky, National gallery, CR, catalogue 2000 ´Salon of the young´, Zlin, CR, catalogue 2000 ´Entermultimediale´, Prague castle, CR, catalogue 2000 ´E-area´, Gallery of Prague, the capital city, CR 1999 ´Unplanned connection (Neplanovane spojení)´, Mánes, Prague, catalogue 1999 ´Crossing´, Rudolfinum, Prague, catalogue 1998 ´Permanent exhibition of art of 1990s´, Gallery of Prague, the capital city, catalogue 1998 ´Lanterne magique, artistes tcheques et nouvelles technologies´, Stasbourg, catalogue 1998 ´Art in the World 98´, Paris, Gallery de Retz, catalogue 1996 ´Memories of Future´ (Vzpomínky na budoucnost), Richter’s villa, Prague, CR, catalogue 1996 ´Hi-Tech´, House of arts, Brno, catalogue 1995 ´Test Run´, Exposition hall Mánes, Prague, catalogue 1995 ´Hi-Tech´, Moravskozemské museum, Brno


2002 Stipendium in Cité international des arts, Paris
2001 Subsidy for project e-forum from Taiwan cultural and business office
2001 Subsidy for project e-forum from foundation Forum 2000 a Nippon foundation
2001 Special award for project Generatrix, Milano Europe, Futuro Presente 2001, Italy
2000 Grant for the project Generatrix from city of Milano and Gallery of modern arts, Italy
2000 Grant for project E-Area from the company Prague 2000 European city of culture
1999 Grant from The Soros Center for the Contemporary Arts, Prague
1999 Grant from Ministry of Culture of Czech republic
1999 Award for the author’s catalogue E-Area as catalogue of the year in Czech Republic, award from Ministry of Culture
1998–2001 Sponsorship and partnership with corporations Andersen consulting (Accenture today)
1997 Subsidy for the project Tacuzcanzcan from Commerce Bank
1997 Grant Prague, the capital of Czech republic
1997 Grant from the foundation Pro Helvetia
1997 Award for the author’s catalogue Tacuzcanzcan as catalogue of the year in Czech Republic, award from Ministry of Culture
1996 Grant from The Soros Center for the Contemporary Arts, Prague
1994–2002 Sponsorship and partnership with the corporation Silicon Graphics


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