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Europe, Southern
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November 28, 2010
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The Surf Avant-garde from Barcelona

Since 2005, the trio: Matías Rossi, Balbini and Dave Harris have been a staple of Barcelona´s growing electronic music scene. Bradien is committed to playing experimental, tropical pop and surf music. Their new label spa.RK came up with the moniker origami pop to signify their mix of field recordings and intersecting music styles. Yet Bradien doesn’t merely “intersect,” they generate a sublime crash. They play easy melodic loops with melodica, trumpet, glockenspiel and guitar that’s reminiscent of Californian Dream Music. But the surf party somehow seems alienated. Where is that endless summer feeling? They sound like an insolent child humming a soothing song. The music reminds us of a "little Tom Waits lost in an enchanted forest," writes a fan in a blog.
Pop and contemporary sound collage: its precise, deconstructed E-folk-pop creates an ideal tapestry of sound for slam poetry and performance art. And it serves as an ideal base for pale pixelated and shaky videos with 60s sepia. A camera tracks through a field of palm trees - endlessly. At some point, the monotony of endless palms turns into something neurotic, creating a feeling of despair like in a Christoph Marthaler play. Or the cows. They move forward and then rewind. Again and again. The bizarre forward and backward movement turns into a bizarre Sisyphus dance. A similar effect is created with a group of young dancers from the 60s – it’s a swirling directionless throng. One can’t help but imagine those same dancers are now grown old. And don’t the sounds echo strangely? Maybe the sounds are simply retro-surf or retro-pop. A sound-retrospective. Without a doubt, Bradien is "arty", the art world embraces the trio.

Bradien has worked together with the sound performance artists Nora Gomringer and Edward Escoffet. Here they forego multimedia processing. Nora Gomringer, who was invited by the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona in 2007, dominated the performance with her supercharged Poetry Slam. "You build a table," she raged. And the more she raged, the more velvety the background tunes in the background grew, and the more relaxed the rhythms.

Their list of artistic collaborations also includes: Bill Wells, Shiu Yeung Hui, Dosimat, Yo La Tengo, Jahbitat, Tom Brosseau, bRUNA and Lucrecia Dalt. Their third and latest album, "Linden", released in 2009 by spa.RK and produced by Simon Walbrook, was celebrated by De: Bug as "child-friendly simple and pithily produced music" with "campfire acoustics" and "summery folk-ease". Bradien has just returned from the Sonar Festival in Chicago, which is the Mecca of E- music and is coming to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, to inject Berlin with a bit of Barcelona Club. Simple or sublime, comforting or defiant.
Author: Heike gatzmaga



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