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The composer Clarence Barlow was born of English ancestry in 1945 in Calcutta in India, where he grew up as one of the English-speaking minority. He got to know more about western than about Indian musical culture, began playing the piano in 1949 and composing in 1957. From 1961-65 Barlow studied science in Cologne then from 1966-68 taught music theory and conducted a madrigal choir and a youth string-orchestra in India. Back in Cologne in 1968 he joined Bernd Alois Zimmermann´s class in composition, then after Zimmermann´s death he studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen till 1973, beginning to use computers for composing in 1971. In India from 1973-75 he gave concerts, held lectures and studied the northern Indian style of singing as his first close involvement in Indian culture. Since 1975 he has been living as a free-lance composer in Cologne. In 1980 Barlow published ´Bus Journey to Parametron´, a book about his yearlong concern with tonality, and his extremely complex ´Çogluotobüsisletmesi´, a piano-work based on his speculations, was first performed. It was honoured with the Kranichsteiner Music Prize, and Barlow also received the Art Prize of the City of Cologne. In the next few years he was busy not only teaching at home and abroad but also composing in the big electronics´ studios in Europe and the USA, including Utrecht, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and Den Haag. In 1986 Barlow co-founded the ´Initiative Musik und Informatik Köln´ (GIMIK), and in 1988 was the musical director of the 14th International Computer-Music Conference in Cologne. In 1990 he was made head of the Institute of Sonology, now based in Den Haag, where he began teaching composition and sonology in 1994. In 1995 he became a member of the International Academy for Electro-acoustic Music in Bourges.
Author: House of World Cultures


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New Perspectives from India

(19 September 03 - 16 November 03)
Clarence Barlow