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Tiyatro Oyunevi

A young theatre whose artistic vision reaches wide audiences throughout Turkey.

Staging modern plays and adaptations of Turkish and European writers, Tiyatro Oyunevi is challenging audiences in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. Their artistic vision encompasses the dark worlds of Kafka, Koltes´ and Werner Schwab and at the same time inspires them to create imaginative theatre for children.
In Istanbul, a group of young actors, artists, a dramaturge and a composer were brought together during a 1996 production of Bertold Brecht’s “Man is Man”. They went on to form Tiyatro Oyunevi. One of the actors, Mahir Gunsiray, quickly mantled the role of director. In the dozen years the group has existed, they have attained a position as one of main producers of new plays outside the state theatre system.
Beginning with Jean Genet’s “The Maids” directed by Gunsiray and using, as in the famous Living Theatre production of the early sixties, three male actors as Claire, Solange and Madam, they challenged the moral prejudices of the Istanbul audience. Producing almost simultaneously a shadow puppet production for children, “A Handful of Animals and Such” written by group member Ayse Selen and directed by members Sehsuvar Aktas and Taner Birsel, Tiyatro Oyunevi immediately demonstrated their versatility and desire to reach wide audiences. This was underscored as they embarked on a tent tour of Turkey with “The Adventures of Don Quixote” in 1998, as part of the 75 year celebration of the Turkish Republic.
The group continues to produce both modern and classic texts, European and Turkish, plays and adaptations, earning the respect of audiences and the 2005 Theatre Award for Best Production, for their mounting of Werner Schwab’s “The Round of Pleasure”, an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s “Le Ronde”. Recent productions have included Lorca’s “Once Five Years Pass” as well as an adaptation of a novel by young Turkish writer Murat Uyurkulak, “Tol”. Directed by Mahir Gunsiray who also performs alongside Güven Ince in the production, the play tells the story of Turkey’s recent political history seen through the eyes of a poet from the ’68 generation.
Tiyatro Oyunevi are members of Magic Net, a network which strives to develop a trans-national artistic exchanges and co-productions. Involving 10 theatres from 10 countries and targeting young audience aged 16-25, the network plans to tour their productions throughout Europe.
Author: Edward Buffalo Bromberg


Once Five Years Pass, Federico Garcia Lorca

Production / Performance,

Tol, Murat Uyurkulak

Production / Performance,

The Round of Pleasue, Werner Schwab

Production / Performance,

Gavara, Nihat Genc

Production / Performance,

The Night Just Before the Forest, Bernard-Marie Koltes

Production / Performance,

The Penal Colony, Franz Kafka

Production / Performance,

The Adventures of Don Quixote, Cervantes

Production / Performance,

A Handful of Animals and Such, Ayse Selen

Production / Performance,

The Maids, Jean Genet

Production / Performance,


2005 "The Round of Pleasure" wins Theatre Award for Best Production


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