Abdul Rahim Salem

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Design and Crafts (carving)
Visual Arts (painting, sculpture)
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October 20, 2003
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Abdul Rahim Salem


Sculptor and Paintor

It is not easy to seperate Abdul Rahims Salems´s life from his sculpture and art. His studies in Egypt paved the way for his working in a variety of differnt materials. Salem´s work from that time stresses the identity of Arab heritage. Rahim´s paintings contain special effects that derive from different aspects of civilisation. His paintings are free from the concern of visual limits - clearly shown in the way he presents darkness and light in cognitive harmony.
Author: Talal Mualla edited by Annika Salomonsson


Abdul Rahim Salem was born in 1955 in Dubai. Today he lives and works in Sharjah, UAE. Salem is the chairman of the Emirates Fine Arts Society and a participant of allits local and international art exhibitions. He was awarded a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1981 from the University of Cairo where he specialised in carving.


1998 2nd position at the "Emirates in the Eyes of its Artists " Exhibition
1994 1st prize at the Dubai International Exhibition
1993 1st prize at Biennial Exhibition in Sharjah
1993 Silver prize at the sixth Asian Artists Biennial Exhibition, Bangladesh
1993 1st prize at " AL AWAISS Scientific Studies and Innovation" competition
1992 Prize of the Jury at the Biennial Exhibition, Cairo


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Nomad Academy

Five from Afar

(01 October 03 - 17 October 03)


The Danish Royal Academy of Art- Five from Afar

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