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September 28, 2007
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Frauke Requardt


Columbian collaboration

Born in Germany and having trained in Freiburg, choreographer and dancer Frauke Requardt is now based in London. After gaining a distinction in her Masters from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2003, Requardt became Associate Artist of The Place from 2004-06.
Whilst still an emerging artist, being based at the UK´s premier centre for contemporary dance, Requardt was given the opportunity to be billed alongside some of the UK’s finest choreographers including Siobhan Davies and Richard Alston. Her work at The Place, as well as pieces created for London Open House, the Royal Opera House, Choreodrome and Resolution! is often laced with humour and irony. One piece, Back on Track was described as “taking the mickey out of European Danz Theatre or way too close to the reality of many shows for comfort” (Bruce Marriott, Magazine).
Requardt has collaborated with artists from different genres on several occasions including visual artist Joanna Callaghan, and the Ingrid Laubrock Quartet to combine live jazz music into one of her pieces. Much of her time is also spent working with Lea Anderson’s Cholmondeleys, a company that have cast aside conventional dance techniques in favour of detailed observations of everyday movement and behavior and whose work is “defined by a style that is idiosyncratic and highly original”.
In late 2006 Requardt was awarded a three-month residency in Bogotá, Colombia as part of Visiting Arts’ Artist’s Fellowship Programme. From January to April Requardt was resident at Danza Común, located in Bogotá’s central district. Requardt describes the residency as “an unforgettable learning experience“ in which “every day in a different environment brings many new insights about oneself and life in general”. The time in Bogotá comprised of meeting new artists including choreographers, musicians, visual arts practitioners and with institutions based in Bogotá. Requardt also ran a series of workshops in which she worked with dancers from Danza Común leading to the creation of the work Pequeñas Delicias.
The unusual setting for the piece was a pizza restaurant in Bogotá’s colonial district of La Candelaria. The piece is divided into two parts, the first of which consists of a waitress, performed by one of the 7 dancers, presenting a series of solo dances that the audience can order from their ‘performance menu’. The selected pieces are then performed at the audience’s tables. The second part of the piece is inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway and deals with the “repression of an act of violence by the violator in a surreal style”. The performance is site specific and uses the whole restaurant including the kitchen with all the characters being those typical to the location – 2 cooks, a waitress and diners. Through this piece Requardt aimed to engage with a new audience and experiment with close-up performance and audience interaction. The piece was well received and sold out in several restaurants across Bogotá, often leaving people queuing for tickets outside.
The second piece created and performed in Bogotá entitled Yo yo, yo (Me, me, me) was performed at the Universidad Nacional where works of contemporary artists were being exhibited. The piece related to the work of Umberto Giangrandi, an Italian painter who lived most of his life in Colombia. Requardt’s principal interest lay in Giangrandi’s themes of the sense of the forlorn, the desire to be seen and the fear of being exposed to a public. Giangrandi’s work often focuses on a solitary character looking directly at the painter or the public as if they are asking for some kind of empathy from them. This translated into Requardt’s starting point: the domestic atmosphere of a normal every day room in which three women perform three individual pieces that oscillate between the serious and the absurd. The dancers performed the piece in a living room space they had created within the gallery; each dancing their individual piece, accidentally crossing over with each other, resulting in a forced interaction that once over was soon forgotten. This was interspersed with moments in which the performers looked out to the audience and like one of Giangrandi’s characters, implored with them. Although the mood of the piece was sad, the jazz music score enabled Requardt to obtain the absurd undercurrent that she was looking for.
Yo yo yo will serve as the movement base for the creation of the photographic installation Still Moving, a collaboration with filmmaker Joanna Gallaghan, funded by the Capture Five Award (awarded to Gallaghan and Requardt in Feb 2007)
Author: Rachel Toogood


Current and ongoing projects 2007
In the near future Frauke will present the results of the capture 5 award. She has also been invited by Rui Horta to spend three weeks in Portugal this year to finish and premiere part 1 of her new work Ingrid Laubrock.

Commissions and residencies
Still Moving is a photographic installation realised through the capture 5 award together with filmmaker Joanna Gallaghan
3-month residency in Bogota, Colombia organised by Visiting Arts, British Council, Arts Council England and Ministerio de Cultura Bogota
London Contemporary Dance School to create new work on Edge (Post-graduate performance-company)
Hotspots one-minute solo commissioned by Sadler’s Wells for Sadler’s Wells Celebrates
Commission to rework Back on Track for a short performance at The British Library as part of Big Dance
Jammy Dodgers full length work with live jazz bands ´Justin Quinn’s Bakehouse´ and ´Ingrid Laubrock Quartet’ for four nights at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London
Amazing Kate performance project commissioned by Greenwich Dance Agency for April

Creating and performing the trio me, me, me at La Universidad Nationale in the Gallery
Creating and touring new work Yippee with ´The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs`
Back on Track performances: AAK Freiburg, Germany; Greenwich Dance Agency, London; Dance 4, Nottingham

Previous Choreography

Back on Track (trio) White Christmas, RHDT London
Nights on Delevan Street (quartet) RHDT London
Mena (5 min Dance Film) The Point, Eastleigh; Hackney Empire, London

Softer than Whispers (solo and two musicians) Bruxelles; London
Re-work Amazing Kate (14 dancers) Resolution!, RHDT, London

Memento Mori Choreodrome at The Place, Collaboration with Melinda Silva (Photographer), London
Collaboration with Royal School of Art and the Guildhall College of Music and Drama for the London City Festival, St Luke’s Church, Amazing Kate (14 dancers) MA Choreography at RHDT, London

Pleasure Pain (Duet) a site-specific work at the hat-on-wall bar, Farrington, London
Friendly Old Town (Quintet) RHDT, London
B flat minor (Solo) Collaboration with the composer Artem Vassiliev, LCSD, London
Vodka (Quartet) London Contemporary Dance School, London
Solo with Austrian Angel (Duet) London Contemporary Dance School, London
Freaks (Trio) Collaboration with de Theaterschool, Amsterdam
Tickling Brother John (Twelve dancers) Riverside Park, NYC
Ich Habe Genug (Solo) AAK, Freiburg
Nicht Zu Sehr (Quintet) AAK, Freiburg

Professional Performing Experience

Back on Track Frauke Requardt, White Christmas, The Place
Pomp-pomp Heads, Lea Anderson, The Cholmondeleys, London
Double Take, Lea Anderson, Film, The Cholmondeleys

Double Take, Lea Anderson, The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs

Improvisation and consultancy to Brian Eno
Escapade, Akademi, Dan O`Neill, South Bank Center, London
Quartet, Dance Film, Vanessa Haska, London
Amazing Kate, Frauke Requardt, RHDT, London

The House, Athina Vahla, site-specific, Deptford, London
Heaven Expired, Athina Vahla with Edge, LCDS, London
Les Noces Group, Martin Lawrence in Collaboration with the Royal College of Music, Music Festival Bath

Dance & Choreographic Education
Master of Art (with Distinction) in Choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, London

Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance, Specialisation in Choreography, at London Contemporary Dance School

One Year Certificate in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School
Independent Studies in New York City, USA
Summer Intensive course at Movement Research
Repertory and technique with Trisha Brown
Company Classes and workshops with Stephen Petronio, Rebecca Hilton, Kirstie Simpson

New Dance Education (improvisation, contact-improvisation and composition) at Bewegungs-Art Freiburg with Lilo Stahl, Bernd Ka, Wolfgang Graf, Katy Duck, Alessandro Certini, Charlotte Zerbey and David Zambrano


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Colombia-England Artists Residency Programme

(01 October 06 - 31 January 07)
Back on Track
Pequeñas Delicias
Rehearsal for Pequeñas Delicias