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August 1, 2003
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Chinese photo landscapes

The Chinese photographer Xie Wenyue mirrors meetings between modern China and the West.
Xie Wenyue belongs to a generation of young Chinese photographers, who portray a rapidly changing China.

During Images of Asia, Denmark 2003, the photographer is part of a group exhibition, ´From China´ Contemporary Art Photography, which presents aspects of modern China and the human position in modern society. Each artist has presented an interpretation of the meeting of Chinese culture and the globalised world. Many of the artists have already made their mark on the international art world.

Landscape is the motif in Xie Wenyue´s works, but as the mist momentarily disperses in the sun´s rays, revealing a factory complex. In visual terms it makes no great difference, whether it is a treetop or a chimney that breaks through the mists, but there is immediately a great difference in interpretation.

Although Xie Wenyue´s photographs with their grey and soft edges possess a nostalgic look, which together with the title "Long long ago" creates something of a dream realm, the factory ties the motif firmly down in a concrete temporality. In "Long, long ago", Man by his presence has affected the classical landscape.

Author: Karin Bergquist


1972-95: Graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design Bejing.

1995-99: Teach in the art and Design Departement of Zheng Zhou Light Industry University. Presently living and working in Beijing.


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Images of Asia

(08 August 03 - 26 September 03)