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July 28, 2003
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Documentarist Anand Patwardhan went to study at Brandeis University, Boston after an early involvement with rural education, where he made his first film, Business as Usual. He worked for the J.P. movement in Bihar, making a super 8 film about the period. During the Emergency Patwardhan secretly made Prisoners of Conscience, which was exhibited after democracy was restored. He continues to track urgent social and political transformations in the country, as in Hamara Shahar (1985), on the move to evict Bombay pavement-dwellers; Ram Ke Naam (1992), on the Hindutva movement; Pitru, Putra aur Dharamyudh (1994), on the cultural contexts of masculine aggression in the subcontinent. His films have been recurrently confronted with political opposition, the latest instance being an attempt by the censor board to ban War and Peace, which was annulled by the high court.
Author: House of World Cultures


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New Perspectives from India

(19September03 - 16November03)