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July 15, 2003
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Film from the Mongolian steppes

The film photographer Andra Lasmanis´ swedish documentary film ´The Adventure of Aligermaas´ is one of the few films about the life on the steppes in Mongolia.
´The Adventure of Aligermaas - In the valley of the wild horses´ - is a Swedish documentary film by Andra Lasmani. One of the few films about the life on the steppes in Mongolia.

The film photographer Andra Lasmanis debut is performed in an unexplored environment; among nomads, maybe the last horse people of the world.

In focus is 9 year old Aligermaa and her horse riding during the annual national party, Naadam. Her preparations, her thoughts, and expectations before the race, the race itself and her feelings afterwards.

"Sometimes I wonder if Aligermaas life is not described too idyllic. Is Mongolia really the paradise on earth? Do all children look like Mongolian Barbie-dolls?
But I was actually drawn into the film. By the different environment, the original story, told in beautiful pictures, accompanied by suggestive music".
Author: Karin Bergquist


The Adventure of Aligermass

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