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February 14, 2004
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Ghazel, born in Tehran in 1966, studied Visual Arts art from 1988 – 1992 at the École des Beaux Arts in Nîmes, and in 1994 completed a BA in Film at the Paul Valéry University. In 1993, she was awarded a bursary that allowed her to move to Berlin for a time and work there, and in 2000 she received a French ministry of culture grant to support an art project in New York. Ghazel’s early works centred on happenings, installations and pamphlets as a means of reflecting her own nomadic lifestyle. From 1997 on, she began work on a series of filmed self-portraits, using irony as a technique to enter into a critical dialogue with the social norms and pressures prevalent in Iran. Ghazel lives and works in Paris. Selected exhibitions/2004: “Me” 2000-2003 Arts Centre Beursschouwburg, Brussels; “Social Creatures” Sprengel Museum Hannover/ La Villette, Paris./2003: “Clandestine, 50th International Exhibition” Venice Biennale; “8th Havana Biennal” Havana; “Veil” Walsall/ Liverpool/ Oxford; “The New Scheherzads” CCB, Barcelona; “7 Iranian Artists” Espace Landowsky, Boulogne-Billancourt, France; “KunstFilmFestival” Cologne; /2001: “Iranian Contemporary Art” The Barbican Centre, London. /2000: “Ektabana?” Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre, Copenhagen./1999: “Wedding I Tacheles”, Berlin./1995: Club Berlin, Kunstwerke, / 1991: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen.
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