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July 15, 2003
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Social conscience from Indonesia

Dr. Siti Ruhuaini Dzuhayatin is an honoured lecturer of Sociology. She helped set up the first Women Crisis Centre in Indonesia. Her field of research covers mainly gender issues: violence against women, trafficing of women, gender components in Islamic education.
Dr. Siti Ruhuaini Dzuhayatin participated in a study undertaken by an interdisciplinary cross-cultural research team from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela and the United States who came together to push the boundaries of disciplinary and governmental thinking on trafficking and sexual exploitation. The researchers examined the structural factors responsible for the increase in sex trafficking worldwide.

Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin, who helps run a crisis centre in Yogjakarta, has been trying to understand the most recent case of mass violence against women in her country. A non-government group has reported at least 182 women were brutally raped in systematic attacks during the May riots that preceded former President Suharto´s resignation. Most of the victims were from Indonesia´s ethnic Chinese community.

"This is the study from Pakistan that the gang rapes that always happen in the political and economic crisis always derives from the cultural perspective in seeing rapes as a way... to defeat the enemy".

"I think this is something that has always been used in a systematic way in a war-like situation in Indonesia. It is actually one of my tentative arguments seeing that in Javanese culture, when a kingdom defeated other kingdoms so they can take all the belongings...also women. This is something to do with how we see women actually because in our society you know the honour of the family rely upon the women body and more specifically women purity. So to dishonour a family you do not have to kill men, you just rape her and then after that you can just make up the story to the police that she invited me to rape her", she said in an interview in a local Indonesean paper.
Author: Karin Bergquist


1963: Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin was born in Indonesia.

1988: Honor degreee of Islamic law, State Institute of Islamic Studies, Yagakarta.

1993: Master of sociology. The Departement of Sociology and Antropology. The faculty of Humanities, Monach University, Melbourne, Australia.

Work experiences:
Lecturer in Sociology, the Faculty of Islamic law, State Institute of Islamic Studies, Yogakarta, Indonesia

2001-03: Director, Center for Women Studies, State Institute of Islamic Studies, Yogakarta, Indonesia.

1999-2002: Researcher in gender and reproductive health. Population Studies Center, Gadjah Mada University, Yogacarta.


Empirical study on Women

Published Written,
Contemporary Issues. Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University Press.

Harmony in Question

Published Written,

Womens´ Dilemma and the Reconstruction of Fiqh

Published Written,
Yogyakarta: LKIS

Feminist Perspective and Islam

Published Written,
Yogyakarta: UII


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