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August 1, 2007
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 Miroslaw Filonik


Miroslaw Filonik

Filonik started his artistic career as a one of the co-founders (together with Miroslaw Balka and Marek Kijewski) of "Neue Bieriemiennost" group that existed within the years of 1985-1989. The usage of smaller elements - objects, figures mini installations that built bigger, more complex arrangements was characteristic of the group. With the beginning of 90. Filonik started to work with fluorescent lamps and made them be the essence and main material of his art. Filonik tries to minimalize the means of expression - a variations about a cross are the main theme of his installations.


Miroslaw Filonik was born 11 May 1958 in Bialystok, Poland. Within the years of 1980-1985 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where he graduated from the Department of Sculpture in professor´s Jan Kucza atelier.
He lives in Warsaw.


Selected group exhibitions:

Exhibition / Installation,
1986 - Expression of the 80., BWA, Sopot 1987 - WHAT´S UP, Former Norblin Works, Warsaw 1988 - SCULPTURE IN THE GARDEN, SARP, Warsaw 1989 - III BIENNALE OF MODERN ART, Zielona Gora 1990 - RADAR. International Art Exhibition, Kotka (Finland) 1991 - Kunst, Europa, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn 1994 - WYSPA PROJECT \2. INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOPS, Gdansk