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Acrobatic Tradition and Innovation

Guangdong Acrobat Troupe of China was established in October 1951. The troupe inherits fine traditions of Chinese acrobatics while absorbing the cream of acrobatics home and abroad. Over the past decades, the troupe has been sent by the state to give performances in more than 55 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania and made great contributions to the promotion of national culture and the friendship and exchanges between China and countries across the world.
Guangdong Acrobat Troupe of China has extensively adopted the strong points of other acrobatic schools and carried out reforms and innovations to give its shows a strong national style and modern sense. It has made great efforts to improve the act and has developed into a unique theatre troupe enjoying high prestige home and abroad.

Especially over the recent 10 odd years, the troupe has cultivated more new acrobats with much improved techniques and created a number of excellent programmes.

Since the 60´s, the Troupe has also participated in the shooting of 15 documentary films on acrobatics. Acrobatic Heroes shot by Hong Kong Phoenix Movie Company is very famous home and abroad.

Over the past several decades the troupe was sent by the state to give performances in over 55 countries and Regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania.
Author: Morten Skeldal Østergaard


In November 1991 the People´s Republic of China conferred the honorary title "Art Stage Model" on the Troupe.

The troupe has won 18 international gold prizes including 3 French presidential Prizes, 3 Monaco "Gold Clown" Prizes and 1 "Black Lake Pagoda" Prize.


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