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February 22, 2007
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Cosmin Manolescu


Break the dance floor!

Linking dance and cultural management

Starting his career in the turbulent times of the 90s, Cosmin Manolescu is dancing, experimenting and creating performances, but also structures for the young generation of Romanian dancers and choreographers.
Cosmin Manolescu made his debut with Orion Ballet company, in Bucharest, in the 80s. From 1990-1992, he participated in contemporary dance workshops, lead by Dominique Bagouet, Christine Bastin, Josef Nadj, Georges Appaix, in the framework of the project " La danse en voyage " (The dance on a trip) initiated by AFAA in Romania.
Together with Mihai Mihalcea and Florin Fieroiu, he founded the group Marginalii, one of the first independent companies in Romania (1993-1995). In 1996, after obtaining a diploma in cultural management, he started the Project DCM (Dance-Culture-Management) Foundation. The center developed workshops, platforms, festivals, residencies and production programes (over 25 productions and co-productions) and brought logistic support and access to information for dancers, encouraging collaboration with European artists. The DCM foundation also created the first detailed documentation of the Romanian contemporary dance scene in a form of CDs, and presented these in several conferences throughout Europe.
Since 1997, Cosmin Manolescu has been involved in the development of the contemporary dance sector in Romania and in the Balkans, lobbying for the recognition of contemporary dance within the artistic community. For 3 years he was the artistic director of the BucharEst.West Dance Festival (2001-2003) and he is co-initiator of the Balkan Dance Platform, a regional initiative which takes place every two years in one of the Balkans countries.
Through his pieces (Serial Paradise, 2003, Don’t ask the blond, 2004-2005, Visa Game, 2006), Cosmin Manolescu offers his point of view on the post-modern world, balancing between reality and bogus images, investigating the uncertainty of one’s own identity, but adding a caustic and humourous flavour.
The human body and bodily expression are at the center of his research and he is very interested in creating solo works, not only as dancer but also as choreographer. Nevertheless, the irony which characterizes his works, brings to his pieces a human and entertaining atmosphere.
Cosmin Manolescu manages to pursue an outstanding dancer and choreographical career together with building constant oportunities for his colleagues, being the "porte-parole" of the dance community in Romania and in the Balkans.
During the Sibiu-European Cultural Capital 2007, Cosmin Manolescu organised a two-week dance festival, an outdoor international showcase with dance performances and dance films.

Author: Corina Oprea


Cosmin Manolescu is a choreographer and arts manager based in Bucharest, Romania. He is currently involved in the development of contemporary dance in Romania and in the Balkan region.
Since 1997 he has been the executive director of Proiect DCM Foundation, an independent dance organisation supporting the development of contemporary dance in Romania. He was the co-founder of Balkan Dance Platform, a regional iniative taking place every two years in a different Balkan country and the artistic director of BucharEast.West international dance festival (2001, 2003).


Don´t Ask the Blond

Production / Performance,
Created as a direct result of visits to 4 countries, Don´t Ask the Blond reflects direct contact with local people in Finland, Romania, France and Italy. The work explores local traditions around sauna, food, art and social life, and a study of people and their relationship with the environment. Kira Rikonen (Finland), RobertoCassarotto (Italy) and Cosmin Manolescu made a cultural exchange with local artists and present a choreographed peice exploring exchanges of personal movement language.

Serial Paradise

Production / Performance,
Serial Paradise involves three dancers and two artists in a mix of dance, theatre, song and film animation. It is a funny, inventive, satirical look at standardisation, sexual identity and the quest for Paradise.

Human Zoo

Production / Performance,
"Human Zoo" explores the fine lines between animal and human, public and private, technology and everyday life. Done in collaboration with Marie Gabrielle Rotie, UK


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Cosmin Manolescu
Cosmin Manolescu
Don´t Ask the Blond
Serial Paradise
Visa Game