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July 28, 2003
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Maya Krishna Rao (born 1953) is a visiting faculty at the National School of Drama, Delhi, where she teaches Acting. Maya has trained in Kathakali from 1961, specializing in the male role, and worked in Theatre-in Education Companies in the U.K. and India. Presently, she acts, dances and directs herself. Her Company, Vismayah (founded in 1993), creates new theatre by drawing upon Indian traditions of dance, music, writing and other arts. Vismayah’s productions include Khol Do, The Job, Rainmaker, Departures, The 4-Wheel-Drive-‘Come-to-me-Mr. Sharma’-Body-Fat-Murdered-Show and A Deep Fried Jam. Besides travelling widely in India, these shows have been to several dance and theatre festivals abroad. Vismayah also works in the area of education, conducting workshops for teachers and students. Its latest enterprise, which toured Delhi schools in 2003, is a participatory show for 10-year-olds titled Sciva and Jagli, based on the theme of identity and difference.
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