Sacred Cow

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Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch, Julie Robson
communication, death, women
Performing Arts (performance, theatre)
Australia and New Zealand, Middle East, Europe, Western
Australia, Iraq, France
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January 21, 2004
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Sacred Cow

Sacred Cow (Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch and Julie Robson) is a Brisbane-based theatre ensemble that formed in 1999 to work in the pursuit of adventurous and original performance. In early 2001 the group became part of the Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for Live Arts “Incubator Program”, designed to support local artists working on long-term laboratory style theatre training and performance building. From here, the Sydney-based director Nikki Heywood began to devise The Quivering. Sacred Cow are cofounding members of Magdalena Australia. In April 2003 they hosted the Magdalena Australia Festival inviting two-hundred artists from all over the world.
Author: Odin Teatret


The Quivering

Production / Performance,
The Quivering is an irreverent meditation on death and beyond. Three co(s)mic waitresses - Shazza the dazzler, more-Maureen-more, and Singrid the poet - inhabit what appears to be an outback Australian roadhouse. But alongside this world exists another level, a limbo, where bodies are washed, moved and mourned, where souls are sung onward. As sirens serving up a seductive, monstrous and blissful hypothesis on dying, these waitresses create a lament for the inevitable journey we all must make. THE QUIVERING Performers: Dawn Albinger, Scotia Monkivitch, Julie Robson Set design: John Levey Director: Nikki Heywood Video artist: Suzon Fuks Dramaturg: Virginia Baxter Music: Catherine Mundy, Julie Robson Lighting design: Andrew Meadows Sound production: Brett Collery At Roots in Transit the actresses are accompanied by Anika Vile.


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Roots in Transit IV

Women´s International Theatre Festival and Meeting

(15 January 04 - 25 January 04)


Odin Teatret

Magdalena Project