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body, border, emotion, longing, memory, separation
Performing Arts (dance / choreography, dance / modern)
America, South
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January 15, 2008
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Roxana Grinstein
Roxana Grinstein. Courtesy of the artist


Looking into the body

Statement of the artist for the «Postcard Project» of the House of World Cultures ´Are violent manifestations in artistic expressions a reading of reality or a fashionable trend of globalization? In search of breakthrough and because of prejudices about love, tenderness and romanticism, violence stands as a new convention. Are we able to stand apart from what we systematically repeat in order to approach a more individual and unique prosecution of our perceptions? Could we not come to agreement with fear, not find shelter in homogeneity aiming at achieving, perhaps, a narration of our true and deeper affections? If violence has always been around in the world, the central question is why violence is now reflected with so much insistence in a contemporaneous artistic trend, the authors not allowing themselves to place it in a game of contrasts. As an example and from a more elemental viewpoint, a drama exhibition of 12-year-old children tragically closed every situation with deaths. Is it a reflection/ analysis of reality or a fundamental violence already incorporated (and even encouraged) through fashion by which we may conceal our most profound and fragile being?´ Roxana Grinstein, 2007 The Argentinian Roxana Grinstein is a star of present-day dance in South America and expresses strong feelings and deep thoughts in terms of body-landscapes. Abetted by lighting and costumes, her choreographies go in pursuit of lost memories, longings and ideas and reveal them as movement. ‘The feature shared by my various pieces is a look into the body – a look at the sensuality of persons revealing ideas through movement.’ Roxana Grinstein and her company develop the style of movements suitable for each piece by improvising round the respective theme and not by borrowing from styles already available. They often return to the themes of sensuality and the dissolution of borders between bodies. Born in Rosario in Argentina in 1954, Roxana Grinstein studied under choreographers including Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Alvon Ailey. As a dancer she has worked with various national and international companies like the Teatro Municipal San Martín and the Ballet del Sur y la Compañía Nacional de Quito. Since 1982 she has been running her own dance-school in Buenos Aires, where she teaches present-day dancing and improvisation. At the Argentinean University of the Arts she teaches improvisation and experimental choreography, and in 1985 she founded the Compañía de Danza Roxana Grinstein, later renamed El Escote. So far she has developed about 20 choreographies, including some for other companies, and now has a small theatre with two halls in Buenos Aires.
Author: House of World Cultures


Born in Rosario/ Argentina

Study under Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Alvon Ailey et al.

Dancing at the Teatro Municipal San Martín, the Ballet del Sur y la Compañía Nacional de Quito and other places

Founded her own dance-school, the Estudio de Roxana Grinstein, in Buenos Aires;
Taught at the Argentinean University of the Arts for improvisation and experimental choreography

Founded the Compañía de Danza Roxana Grinstein – later renamed El Escote



Production / Performance
Paraísos Artificiales (artistic direction) Primera magnitud (artistic direction) Aniquilados (ballet mistress) Compañía de Danza del IUNA - Programa Compartido: Oscureció + Cuarto Creciente (Poema visual) (artistic direction) Por quoi pas? (artistic direction) Siempre (1976 - 24 de marzo – 2006) (artistic direction) Tres en un tiempo (choreography) Demasiado filosofo para el amor (artistic direction) Campo Minado (artistic direction) Sonata Nº 27 en Re menor, Op. 90 (choreography) En cero (choreography) Argentino de Danza (artistic direction) Y te encontré ahí (choreography, artistic direction) Programa III (choreography) Programa II (choreography) Variaciones coreográficas (artistic direction) El Escote y Cenizas de Tango (choreography, artistic direction) El destino que usted intenta alcanzar está momentaneamente bloqueado (scriptwriting, artistic direction) Cenizas de tango (choreography)


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Postcard Project

(01 March 07 - 31 December 08)


The Third Body

(02 June 04 - 13 June 04)
Postcard from Roxana Grinstein