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May 28, 2003
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Alexandar Popovski


Macedonian director of Film and Theatre

The Macedonian director and film maker Aleksandar Popovski was born in 1969. He studied drama, stage and film in Skopje where he got his diploma in theatre and filmdirecting.His unique style and perceptive eye has given this young director a powerful voice in a changing society.
Popovski has staged many contemporary Macedonian playwrights including several texts by Dejan Dukovski: "The Giant and the Seven Dwarfs" in Veles 1992, "Who the Fuck Started all this" at the Skopje National Theatre in 1997, and " Balkan is not Dead" at the Skopje Drama Theatre in 2001. Popovski staged "Proud Flesh" by Goran Stefanovski at the Skopje Drama Theatre in 2000. He has also staged other contemporary playwrights such as Federico Garcia Lorca ( Love of Perlimpin and Belissa ) and Daniil Harms ( Circus Printimpram) at the Mala Stanica Theatre.
Internationally Aleksander Popovski has worked in Croatia, Slovenia and Belgrade. He created "Just Like That, Under The Clouds" in the Aarhus Theatre in Denmark 1994 which was later performed at festivals in Copenhagen, Lyon, Leipzig, Oldenburg, Erlangen, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Podgorica. Popovski created "Powder Keg" by Dejan Dokovski in Zagrebs Keempuh Theatre in 2000 and Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltes in the Atelje 212 of Belgrade also in 2000.
As a film director Popovski created "Light Gray" in 1993 and "Goodbye 20th Century" in 1998. Both films have been presented at various Film Festivals all over the world. Popovski has also created several tv and video productions: a music show called "Subway" in 1993 which won an award from the TV festival in Plovdiv, Bu Tailors; a documentary for MTV in 1995, a documentary film for the Ministry of Culture in Macedonia in 1996 and "Macedonia in the Midst"; a documentary film for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in 1997.
Ongoing projects include Danton´s Death with CSS Udine in Italy and Alice in collaboration with Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanovic, Intercult -Stockholm and Atelje 212 in Belgrade. Aleksandar Popovski is the director of the MOT Festival in Skopje and the Artistic Director Designate of the Macedonian National Theatre.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Danton´s Death

Production / Performance,
Egalité! Fraternité! Liberté! The three most lethal words of our time How can I understand what is going on in Modern Europe today, in the Balkans, in the countries of the Former East... how can I understand why we are killing each other in the name of Equality ?.... How can a beautiful idea of Equality become a lethal idea.. are we really born differnt and are differences what keep us apart in this world ? Popovski directs Büchner in artistic collaboration with Alessandro berti and Andrea Porcheddu. Co-production; CSS Udine/Italy, Intercult/Sweden, National theatre of Skopje, and Theorem. Premiere planned for July 24th, 2003 in Italy.


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