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Rosa Casado, Rocío Solís, (Maria Eugenia de Castilla: stand-in for Ms.Solis during Roots in Transit Festival)
emigration, everyday life, people
Performing Arts (theatre)
Europe, Southern, Australia and New Zealand
Spain, New Zealand
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January 21, 2004
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Nomad was born in May 2000. Two actresses, with a wide professional trajectory, decided to create a very singularproject. They based their work on the search for a new scenic language in collaboration with some international artists and creators. Nomad’s projects have a very clear social engagement; the group is doing research about artists’ role in conflicts. Nomad’s acts don’t pretend to give moral judgements, they just try to look at the conflict from a reflective perspective using artistic tools to enable us to understand the conflict from another point of view. Since 2001, Nomad has toured Las sin tierra in Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Australia. At Roots in Transit Rosa Casado is accompanied by Maria Eugenia de Castilla who substitutes for Rocío Solís, who is unable to come because she is eight months pregnant.
Author: Odin teatret


Las Sin Tierra - 7 Attempted Crossings of the Straits of Gibraltar

Exhibition / Installation,
This is the first piece by Nomad Teatro. It asks questions about the phenomenon of migration. The project starts from the social, economic and cultural conflict that affects our daily lives - the movement of people from underdeveloped countries to rich ones, from countries at war to those where there is peace. It was inspired by the work of the Brazilian photographer Sebastiâo Salgado and relates to the tragedies that occur at the Straits of Gibraltar, the natural frontier dividing Europe from Africa. Performers: Rosa Casado, Maria Eugenia de Castilla Director: Jill Greenhalgh Stage design: Mike Brookes Assistant: Luis Fernández


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Roots in Transit IV

Women´s International Theatre Festival and Meeting

(15 January 04 - 25 January 04)


Odin Teatret

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