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Sergei Klein, Andrei Sechkovski
children & youth, communication, everyday life, existentialism, globalisation, identity, outsider, politics, roots, urbanity, youth
Music (ambient, electronic music, electronic-urban-traditional-fusion, improvisation, jazz, live computer music, techno, world jazz)
Computer, Flute, Keyboard, Piano
Europe, Eastern, Europe, Nordic, Europe, Southern, Europe, Western, Europe, Eastern, Europe, Nordic, Europe, Baltic, America, North, Europe, Western, Europe, Eastern
Ukraine, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, United States of America, France, England (UK), Russian Federation
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May 10, 2007
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Thieves of Sound

Ukrainian Underground DJs and Musicians

Initiated in Odessa, Ukraine in 2003 by poet/DJ Sergei Klein (vargan (mouth-harp) and bamboo flute) and experimental electronics musician Andrei Sechkovski, Ukr.tele.kom was initially conceived as a sound-sources exchange program between Germany, Russia and Ukraine, with strong emphasis on composing the pieces out of stolen, pirated, borrowed or presented "bits of sound."
Ukr.tele.kom describes its mission to "redefine the commonly accepted notion of what a group is." In fact, Ukr.tele.kom is a movement of people, ideas and minds.
The UKR in the group´s name stands not only for “Ukraine”, but also for “ukradeno” – “stolen” in Russian. The title Ukr.tele.kom itself was lifted ("stolen") from the major national telephone connection provider (with the C transformed into a K and the dots inserted to prevent legal action against the group.)
Ukr.tele.kom do not believe in intellectual property – music does not belong to anybody, and is free to be rethought, redone, restructured in any possible creative fashion.
The main factor in Ukr.tele.kom is the flow of "kom.munication" – free of borderlines, styles of music and ethnicity of the people involved. The TELE in the title – Greek for “distance” – underlines the fact that such kom.munication takes place in spite of distances between the musicians, genres and whatever else may seemingly divide them. "It is an on-going search for kom.mon ground, kom.munion, kom.patibility, kom.bustion and musical kom.munism," they state.
As a live act, Ukr.tele.kom perform regularly on the small underground scene of Odessa at venues such as the Odessa Cinema. In the Ukrainian capital Kyiv their gigs have included events at the Status Bar and Center of Contemporary Art. Other foreign appearences have included the Medusa festival, Poland; Spasibar, Oslo; Fusion Festival, Germany; National Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart; Offside Festival, Croatia; Electric Nest Festival, Amrum Island; Goldmund Festival, Tipsy Lake near Berlin; Oelfrueh Gallery, Hamburg; Wagenhalle, Stuttgart; Casablanca Club, Riga; C-Base, Berlin; Artliner, Berlin; and East of Eden Bookstore, Berlin.
Ukr.tele.kom have featured in a number of collective free improvisations with many creative musicians from Europe and the USA. Collaborators over the years have included from Ukraine – the composer/pianist Alexander Kohanovski aka Pankifared; multi-talented violinist Sergei Okhrimchuk; the ethno-punk-jazz group Cheloveki; electronic musician Maxim Shubski aka Ceckj (Arterija record label). German collaborators include the VJs Los Berlin Beam Boys, vargan professor Mike Hentz, members of the hard-rocking group Mamasweed, the kora player Stefan Charisius, "percussion monster" Kersten Ginsberg, and drummer/composer Steven Garling. In the USA/France – guitar maestro John Astor; from Ireland – the Leo Records recording artist/electric guitarist Mark O’Leary; from Sweden – double bassist Joel Grip, originator of Umlaut Records; drummer Andreas Werliin; percussionist/composer Jens Linell. In Russia – Kompakt Records recording artist/laptop programmer Dmitry Gren; Nole Plastique; and the composer/electronic musician Svyatoslav Menzulskiy.

Author: Adam Jeanes


Andrei Sechkovski (founder) was born in Odessa in 1983. He graduated from the Stolyarski School of music, main instrument: piano. He studied journalism at the Odessa National University.
He works as radio journalist for the public radio station Radio on Troitskaya.
He has been involved in many film productions as assistant director with the Odessa Film Studio, co-working with the noted director Kira Muratova, as well as the celebrity comic Georgiy Deliev.
A member of promotion group Kmek Tribe, specializing in psychedelic party design and organization of open air festivals Sechkovski also works as a sound producer, composer and analog synthesizer specialist.
He resides and operates in Odessa.

Sergei Klein (founder) was born in Odessa in 1977. He studied radio broadcasting at the Denver Career Education Center, USA.
He worked as sound producer and disc jockey for National Public Radio station KUVO 89.3FM the Jazz Oasis.
Later, upon returning to Ukraine, worked as freelance journalist, published his own fanzine on underground culture (1998-2001) as well as the book “God”, exhibited art pieces in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Latvia and Bulgaria, and worked as events organizer and designer.
As a DJ he has performed in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia and Norway.
Klein is a self-taught musician, playing the vargans and bamboo flutes, experimenting with natural and electronic alterations of sound.



More recordings: Rostock; Live@Fusion Festival 1&2; Live@Kita/Rybnitz-Dammgarten Remix by Maczde Carpate Electric Nest video by Los Berlinbeamboys featuring Ukr.tele.kom w/ Vertigo and Groove D Ukr.tele.kom soundtrack for exhibition of paintings by Caludia Engst (Berlin) Ukr.tele.kom live @ See You Party, video by Maria Kuznetsova Ukr.tele.kom live @ The Art Arsenal, video by Maria Kuznetsova

The Invisible Two (esp005)

Published Audio,

Astor/Klein/Kohanovski – Aguan Alphabet (art012)

Published Audio,

Compositions & Improvisations (art009)

Published Audio,

Improvisations (esp002)

Published Audio,

Compositions E.P. (esp003)

Published Audio,

In memoriam Syd Barrett (esp004)

Published Audio,


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Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

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Joel Grip

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator (Sweden)

Jens Linell

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator

Steven Garling

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator


Ukr.Tele.Kom Collaborators

Maczde Carpate

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborators

Mark O´Leary

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator

Mike Hentz

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator

Stefan Charisius

Ukr.Tele.Kom collaborator

Kersten Ginsberg

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