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Music (composition, general)
Performing Arts (circus arts, Clown, performance)
Darbuka, Djembe, Piano, Tabla
Europe, Southern
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December 4, 2006
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Alexandre Pedro


Comedic Journeys

Alexandre Pedro is a Lisbon based composer and performer; he originally trained in music (piano) at the Seixal School of Jazz before shifting his interest to circus which brought him to London’s Circus Space.
He has since acquired a certificate in Circus Arts from the Professional School of Performing Arts in his native Portugal. His work has led him to collaborate with many artists and contexts including Marie Louise Gay (Stella and Simao, 2006), Evoe Teatro (O Rei Vai Nu, 2006), FC Theatre Productions (Harlequin, Servant of Two Masters, 2005), Sonoplastica (2002) and Ensemble J.E.R. (2001).
With the support of a Visiting Arts and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Award (2006), Alexandre Pedro collaborated with the London-based company Nutkhut, in the work Espirro (Sneeze) described as a “comedic journey tracing the effects of the pepper trade”(VA documentation). The work, incorporating visuals traced the journey of peppercorns from Kerala via Portugal to London and from there to our dinner tables, pub lunches, picnics al fresco (www.Myblog/Nikesh/August17). Pedro, Ajay Chhabra (from Nutkhut) first collaborated in Lisbon in 2003 on the making of Magic net with O’Bando Theatre Company. That encounter led to a joint objective to collaborate in a longer project focussing on interactive theatre with young children. Espirro is the result of this and will include collaboration with poet Nikesh Shukla (Yam Boy). The collaboration started as a web-based creative process, through a dialogue about concepts and ideas across artists and countries between May 2005 and June 2006. Nikesh comments: “the e-group made it easier to walk into the rehearsal space…given the short space of rehearsal time we had to work on the piece...” (VA debriefs documents). The work was completed in Pedro’s twelve-day residency in London, 1st-12th August 2006. The work integrating live music, film and text was presented as part of the London Mela Festival in Gunnersbury Park, 13th August 2006. The London Mela is a high quality artistically led festival which presents and showcases a range of arts activity drawn from London’s South Asian communities, the Indian subcontinent and the global South Asian Diaspora. It has established itself as the leading South Asian Arts Festival in the UK, attracting wide public attendance. During his residency Alexandre Pedro also conducted percussion workshops in conjunction with Bexley Gujerati Samaj and the London Mela.
A major strength of the project was the opportunity to bring together a contemporary London-based British Asian poet (Shukla) with a contemporary Lisbon-based composer and physical theatre performer (Pedro), within a multi-arts, site specific festival where a large majority of the audience were not regular theatre goers
Author: Ana Sanchez-Colberg


Alexandre was born on the 2nd of February 1976 in Portugal. He has a background in circus arts and is interested in working with Asian physical theatre and percussion.



Production / Performance,
Performed at the London Mela. Developed together with Nikesh Shukla.

Stella e Simao

Production / Performance,
Children´s show. Alexandre composed music.


Ensemble J.E.R.

Alexandre played percussion and other instruments for this band 199-2001


Alexandre played with this band in 2002-2003