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July 16, 2003
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Thailands first open-air Theatre

Patravadi Theatre is Bangkok´s first open-air theatre. Mrs. Patravadi, who is the founder of Patravadi Theatre, is a pioneer in Thailand´s performing arts scene who holds high international standard and maintains Thailand cultural roots.
Patravadi theatre is Bangkok´s first open-air theatre. It is located in Bangkok, Thonburi side which is one of Bangkok ´s oldest neighbourhoods, across the Chao Phraya River from the Grand Palace, beside the royal temple Wat Rakang, in the typical Thai setting of authentic old scenes of the Ratanakosin Era.

Patravadi theatre is a also public institution for performing arts, giving training to professional performers, to Chulalongkorn University and Mahedon University and giving workshop to many universities throughout Thailand for undergraduate and graduate students.

Various foreign directors and choreographers from all over the world have been invited to work with the members who are also trained in Thai classical dance, mask dance or Khon and Thai folk dances by the masters of the old art and from Thai National Artists.

Apart from training in Thai classical and Thai folk dance, the members also are trained in Modern dance, Butoh, Martial arts, acting singing and music in order to broaden their capability towards their performances.

Patravadi Theatre distributes the "Patravadi Theatre awards " for best stage performers and technical teams for every 2 years starting year 1999.

Patravardi Theatre is making original and border-seeking performances, which sometimes leeds to criticism. For instance when Mrs. Patravadi used handicapped children in a performance.

»Of course we are criticised. Some people claim, that we abused the handicapped in order to earn money, but they forgot, that the dancers and the actors also got paid, and that the for the first time in their life had a chance to show what they could do. To us it was something completely new. We focused on the interaction between all parts in the body, and suddenly we work together with a teenager, who is capable of performing the most beautiful pirouette at one leg.

»At the same time lots of people argue, that I am the only one, who can get away with doing this, so I take advantage of it. Most people worship what we do,
and I think it is due to our respect for the material and for the original genres. You can dance classical dance to American songs, or play rock music to an old folk song, if you know both very well, and knows how and why you mixes the two together«.

(See the article by Lasse Nørgaard in Jyllandsposten, 17.06.03)
Author: Karin Bergquist


1992: Legendary actress Patravadi Mejudhon established the company. She is a pioneer in the world of Thai theatre, an award-winning actress in movies, television, stage as well as an acclaimed director and playwright.

1996:The company was invited to perform for the Thai Government in many cities such as London Paris Milan Frankfurt and Malaysia.

April - July 1997 the company was invited by the Thai Government to tour 40 performances of "Ramayana episode Sahassadesha" directed by Mrs Patravadi using Thai classical Khon mask dance combine with new form of shadow puppetry.

November 1998, Patravadi and 3 members of the company were invited to choreograph and perform a joint production of the "Ramayana" . The joint production with 8 Asean countries was premiered at the Summit Meeting in Hanoi and tour 8 Asean cities in the following year.

September 1999, Manop Meejamrat, a senior member of Patravadi Theatre was invited to perform "The RETURN ", a solo dance at the Ghost festival, Berlin.
September 2000, Sahassadecha was invited to perform at the Biennale-de-la danse festival in Lyon, France.

June and December 2002 ALL ABOUT BASIC, was invited to perform in Faust festival Hong Kong and Mid winter night´s dream Talliin City, Estonia.


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