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ccap:cristina caprioli artificial project
beauty, body, technology, Utopia
Performing Arts (dance, dance / choreography, installation)
Europe, Nordic, Europe, Southern
Sweden, Italy
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May 28, 2003
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Cristina Caprioli
photography by Anna Diehl


Investigations of body and structures

ccap/ cristina caprioli artificial project is an independent organization which acts as a creative space for dancers, artists and musicians to embrace dance from different perspectives under the artistic direction of choreographer Cristina Caprioli. ccap operates with performances, videos, workshops, seminars and as an open structure for artistic interdisciplinary investigations concerning the body, its relation to technology,architectural structures and urban space.
Cristina Caprioli teaches at the Swedish University College of Dance in Stockholm where she manages the projects "Dot" and "Technologies for the Loss of the Body".
Says Caprioli:" I look for conjunctions, tangents and resistance in thought and practice. I am interested in that which happens inbetween words, the body, images, thought and the passing of time. I am intrigued by the dancing body as a limit, an obstacle, as contaminated form, carrier of meaning, space for abstraction and re-representation. Subject and tool, projected thought and reckless excursion."
Cristina Caprioli regards dance as the art form in which body and intellect create philosophical tension.
Her work always focuses on asking questions and taking a stand that can create interesting conversations, stimulating argument between movement and thought, practice and observation, stage and audience. The clarity and the musicality of the form are bearing elements in Cristina´s aesthetics, as are the density and austerity of her compositions. She works intently on the design of every movement, cause and effect, its rhythm and dynamic. Geometry, polyphony, complexity and openness characterize her work.
Cristina Caprioli brings out movement as form with substance of its own in which meaning and message, politics and aesthetics are integral, and are carried on by the very form. Beyond the human, beyond the theatrical and psychological space, she envisions a dance able to create its own dimensions, visually understandable and yet imaginative where the body becomes its own movement, tangible but evasive, real and poetic, captured intuitively and yet controlled, as act of resistance, at every moment present and yet fleeting. To Cristina, the dancing body is a stranger, a fugitive: art´s utopia, his/her only possible home country.

About cristina caprioli’s teaching: text by Anna Grip

Cristina Caprioli´s teaching project is an investigation, a challenge to the body and the intellect.
Her work presents analytical method and consciousness training as the only and most effective means the student/dancer have to enrich and increase his/hers physical, psychological and intellectual abilities as well as his/hers understanding of themselves as being the subject and the object of the dance.
Her starting points are always the body and the movement: non limited fields of continuous becoming and, in the next moment, unavoidable space of restrictions. Between these two positions she might create her world of changes, the dance: aesthetics and inner motion, emotion, form and resistance.
The training builds upon logic and meta-logic and leads up to a ”controlled unconsciousness”, a state of presence in the dance in which organic, technical clarity go hand in hand with risk and abandonment. Caprioli constructs her idea of the dance and of the body throughout meticulous observations of each single element involved in the move: the bone, the muscle, the intention, the effect, the outer energy, the inner flow, the shape, the rhythm. Still, what intrigues her the most is the unbelievable force of the dance, the voice without fear, the concrete body as fulfilled idea moving beyond its own limitations.
Method, concepts and theorems are carefully blended and then again questioned and thrown over at the next moment. All for the purpose of being transformed into the next synthesis. Dialectics of dance. Rhythm and time, pliability and space, science and art.
Cristina Caprioli teaches from within a post-post-modern artistic perspective on the art of dance in which the historical lessons, the classicism and the technical thrills compete and coexist with a new, bold, fearless, sensitive and challenging renewed pleasure in the reconstruction and re-appropriation of the self and his/her body.

Author: ccap edited by Annika Salomonsson


Cristina Caprioli was born in Italy. Today she lives and works from Sweden. Caprioli also works with international and transnational projects. She created ccap: cristina caprioli artificial project as an independent organization and open structure for artistic investigation.



Production / Performance,
After the past two years of intensive work with projects and productions involving many dancers and collaborators, Cristina returns to the self-contained territory of her own dancing, in the open field of an empty room. She works alone, focussing on a few ideas - speeding, quiet, a middle-aged body’s solitary swindle.

2 soon

Film / TV,
A short video; “two light-headed girls shredded by digital grids, big eyes, fast feet, feathers and silly gestures, pounding sound-score by Pixel; bad taste for a new generation”. ( In conjunction with the Shoot-Dance for Screen, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.


Film / TV,
A short film from an observatory, a solo dancer moves with low-key perfection, deviating in spirals. In conjunction with the Shoot-Dance for Screen, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.

Too Late

Production / Performance,
At once a solo, a duet, a film - three dancers transpose the flowing and animated language of the rococo style, with its asymmetrical embellishment, airy lightness and dainty elegance onto the shapes and phrasing of their movements. ”They linger in an atmosphere of comfortable pleasure and erotic tension with seductive gaze and radical limbs.” (

Super Pure

Film / TV,
Images from the intrusion of nationalism into day-to day life in Sweden.Video/Installation based on collaboration with artist Peter Johansson and Intercult

Svart Bok ( The Black Book)

Art book in collboration with Peter Johansson and Intercult

She who Sleeps with Two Blankets

Production / Performance,
Catching rhythms, flow, playfullness and precision; dance and music in electrifying collaboration. Contemporary music by Kevin Volans and Christoffer Wolff; played live by percussionist Jonny Axelsson. Five female dancers fully involved in the investigation of style form and technique.Caprioli works with an open, communicative form where artistic scrutiny is embedded with a visually rich, entertaining musical feast.

Body, Interrupted

Production / Performance,

My Lips From Speaking

Production / Performance,
By moving between points and breaking up the flow into constitutive components, the body recognizes and inhabits its own territory. My lips from speaking "speak(s)" where language breaks down.


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.


(06 May 02 - 19 May 03)


( Svartbok)

(01 May 02 - 25 September 03)


Press info and pictures

House of Dance - Stockholm

Photo from performance "My Lips from Speaking"
Too Late
Too Late 2

Dance Showcase Sweden Gothenburg 2002

Swedens best and most intersting contemporary choreograpers and dance companies present themselves to an international and national audience. CCAP/Cristina Caprioli is one of them.
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