Karima Al Shomely

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contrast, humanity, women
Visual Arts (installation art, object)
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
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October 20, 2003
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Karima Al Shomely


On Karima Al Shomely

Artist Karima Al Shomely creates through an aesthetic imagination. Her work makes use of traditional and cultural practices to score a new expressive addition to the image of a woman.
Artist and writer Talal Mualla writes on Shomely´s installation " Burque" which he describes as "An Open Plastic Adventure";

Burque could possibly be regarded as an open plastic adventure upon an aesthetic creation in view of the fact
that it is only a term giving rise to a number of expressive elements. A number of interpretations are considered; could we say that that the human face is seeking help to be covered? Different relationships are explored; that of the secret and its bearer; that between the era´s sheerness and the silence on the other side...
Author: Talal Mualla edited by Annika Salomonsson


Karima Al Shomely was born in 1965 in Sharjah.She received her degree in accounting and economics from teh UAE University and is a member of the UAE Fibe Art Society. Shomely has taken part in many exhibitions organised in the United Arab Emirates including the Sharjah International Art Biennial Exhibition in 1998 and the Contemporary Art Exhibition by Emirates Arts in Jordan in 2001. Shomely also participated in Women and Art; A Global Perspective in 2002 as well as the Sharjah International Art Biennial Exhibition in 2003.


Prize from the Sultan Al-Ouas 2002
2nd prize in the Sharjah International Art Biennial 2001
( for installation category)


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